Man's silence behind

More and more women are more and more got no idea of whether love phases, or first-marriage period that the man is his language cells was how developed: an hour before he saw you eloquent incessantly acacia, after an hour good-bye you still reel expressed his love... Your head fallen leaf, he would like YinShi generally given an emotional send-off after regrets myriad; You one essentially unimportant matters "have house, how nice" exclamation, he will be intimidating serious smack-talking to your talk for hours... Now, what is this?! Married just few years ah, he have become "frowsty jar." Someone said: men is action type of animal.
So, man's silence behind what mean?
British sociologists mark after survey found: men daily talk quantity, is women's half.
But men are mostly used as circle of friends, work, while chatting with your lover may not exchange, every 15 minutes, too.yes quantity does not exceed 10%.
Actually, the man has a lot of reserve method, each of which may have been a good heart dialogue begins. If you want to know what they really want to say, and then take corresponding countermeasures.
Use silence to protest tattle
Women love to build relationships through conversation, consolidate the relationship, in the home is like through tattle to reveal their leadership, express to man's care. Men don't think so, no matter how articulate his premarital, vomit a lotus, married men are a lot more willing to speak directly from their specific desire, such as "tonight want to go out with you eat", "I want to relax", "I'll meeting".
However, the woman can't stand, more so, the man woman have words to say. Most of the time, because the woman's tattle, home with the same sky outside noise. Men at that time often appear more rational than women, facing woman's tattle, he will not directly retort - that is undoubtedly at home dropped a bomb, He also won't rough wigged - that is undoubtedly the wasted effort the worm.
Many men used to choose silence, on the one hand, is to use silence to express their emotions, thoughts and then attitude, on the other hand is intentionally with silence to keep each other of distance, the woman will feel special injured. To this, the woman will often said "they have no feelings, absolutely cold-blooded", this is actually a misconception. A man marries a more accustomed to communicate their feelings with and love. The severe woman tattle, men will leave you more far, although he was silent, but in the heart has perked up a "protective wall".
Use silence to regulate body and mind
The boy was accepted to conquer the world, indomitable, accepting responsibility such "back" education: when they became - people, no matter how helpless after facing exhaustion, how hard setbacks, how cruel blow, what a heavy burden, the enormous pressure... They are not like a woman can pass through tears, crying to vent my scour, through talk over.
The only thing they can do, only silence. In silence reflection, recuperate in silence, in silence, gaining in silence lick sucking his wound.
Therefore, when a man dragged back home, and when he sat on the sofa silent, when he ignored for your words, you don't domination, much ado about nothing, imaginative, even pointed out. Perhaps, he just finished talking with clients, or are facing exhausted of my career, CengDeng feel hurt isexhausted weary. At this time, he silence is to rehabilitate, he is a new in silence. Now, you might as well give him one hour, let him and daytime work thoroughly said "goodbye", and, after that, he could have on any questions you showed wonderful interest.
Here special remind a bit, when men physical and mental tired, if he still interested, so don't watch TV in his watch the news broadcast when turned off the TV, then concern ground say: "tired, earlier rest, return to see what TV." The men mostly awhile guidelines, compared to political concern, you this "the care to caress" can backfire. But you can apply in begin commercials gap in the insertion point of comfort.
Use silence to coups
Often you will find yourself familiar that man, said a smiling when silence up; Home, hot make, but he sat on the sofa in a daze, You warmly to his throwing past a string of words, he was unconscious.Christian Louboutin
Actually this time, silent staring blankly only men's appearance expression, and perhaps his mind was what off-the-wall ideas, or thinking about some odd problems, or what triggered his inspiration. In his into silence ponder condition, it is a kind of similar to the "retreat senge border.
They didn't want anyone to take him from thinking out of the state, the more didn't want anyone to interrupt or disturb him in silence "practice". If at this moment, you curious aboutly impulse or concern careerism, to him about this or that kind of problem, for example, what you're thinking, speak I help you staff staff? Or do you have something to say? You heard my question? Is dirt.
In men, it seems, at this time all concerned, considerate, well-meaning, curious question, all such as fly buzzing dancing, disturbing quiet. At this moment, you might as well when a fell silent retinue of it. And you timely provide relaxed atmosphere, it will not only make his silence time shortens greatly, and will make him to you eternally grateful.
Use silence to collect privateChristian Louboutin Boots
Sometimes, a man will lie in an emergency XiaBian a, sometimes will try to hide what, like the day before yesterday evening drink bottles of beer, travel during a period of happened affair, just got an extra bonus, etc. Man's idea is, as long as say, women didn't realize, all will be very simple. Sometimes, a man's silence is another kind of conceal. He may think women too AD - system, interference in his freedom and rights, she might even specially arranged his - system daily life. Therefore, in order to prevent the woman is broken casserole asked exactly, prevent her to his transparent supervision and control, he will choose silence. No clues quest, and his world can quiet a lot.
In both sides of husband and wife exchanges, if what has been taboo sexual problems, then each other's feelings crisis is much a few minutes may. For example, when you repeatedly discussions with a recent libido strength problems, feelings coldness problems, loyalty problems, bonus question and so on, his heart mirror like, know the tongue cuts the throat of the terrible, but he know more can't leave this antipathy say it out, in expression more cannot reveal, hence, then use silence to what shall be avoided.
Men always very carefully and, if possible, to avoid exposing his weaknesses, especially in crisis situations, men have been extremely self-seclusion. If women at this time nagging, a man will more angry. But for the past romances, sex and other sensitive topics, the man often out of goodwill but silence, because a man also needs security, wish to obtain safeguard, the dream in front of women show the most perfect myself.
Men need to disguise
Meanwhile, the male psychological research points out: man's world full of competition, which requires the distance, masks and calculate. Man's survival facing women can't imagine the cruel challenge, loneliness is inevitable.
But the woman will feel, man's heart must be hiding many secret, hence, curiosity constantly advancing mining depth.
But let a man in silent open your heart, the first thing is to give him a sense of security, namely you at any time, never use of his weakness. You can use the female that enthusiasm to comfort him. You can also quietly listen to his narrative, as an objective evaluation, and with him and seek solutions.Christian Louboutin Pumps
Actually, the man always has the potential to arrogance tendency, as long as he had plenty of audiences, he would have behaved with great charm, talkative, and full of interest. So, if you want to ease each other's frozen atmosphere, you can consider to give him together go to the pub or teahouse. Because there, he can find make him excited public. Either together with others and make things, such as about people watching TV together, shopping, when he found ought to belong to his position after threatened, he would surely initiative to seek you cracked deadlock.