Life's reward far journey ending

How do people from rice white, sorghum red, grape purple found in the transparency and mellow wine?

There are two individuals and fairy tales, fairy granted they encounter the wine-making method, that they choose DuanYang day full rise of meters, ice and snow mountain stream when beginning melts the water, mediated, inject deep secluded unmanned ZiShaTu a molten TaoWeng in millennium, reoccupy chu xia saw the first piece of new lotus overburden tight chaoyang, airtight forty-nine days until the chicken that three times rear can opened.

Like every legends hero like they experienced difficulty up with all the materials, bring dreams together and then mixed seal andstudy waiting for the moment.

How long waiting! Sargeson nine days arrived, they all night not mei, waiting for the chicken calls voice. Far away, came first sound chicken calls, after a long time, the second voice rang vaguely. A third time chicken calls what time will come? One couldn't stand anymore, he opens his TaoWeng, startled, the inside of the hills like vinegar water, as acid. Blunders have moulds, irrevocable, he was disappointed to sprinkle it on the ground.

And another, though also can't restrain want out his hand, but still bite a tooth, persistence to three times ring chicken calls skylight. How sweet the clear wine! Just wait a moment just. From then on, "wine" and "sprinkle" distinction, just at that seems like a very ordinary a horizontal.

While many winners and losers, their difference, more often than not, opportunity or more clever mind, is only adhere to the moment - how successful is sometimes a year, sometimes is one day, sometimes, just over chicken calls.

In ancient Oriental, select the young bull to arena matches have certain procedures. They are brought into the grounds, to hand stay spear matadors attack, the referee to it by the matador offensive to poke again after the number of this only bulls to evaluate the amount of brave degree. Henceforth, I must admit that my life every day for similar test. If I perseverance, courageous to meet challenge, then I will be successful.Christian Louboutin Pumps

I am not to fail to come to this world, my veins also no failure of blood is flowing. I is not being whipped lamb of god, I is fierce lion, not with flocks men. I hear not those who weep, 'complainers complaints, this disease is contagious and I can't be it infection. Losers slaughterhouses not my destiny of marriage.

The reward of the life journey far end, not a starting point nearby. I don't know to how many steps to achieve target, thousandth step, may still encounter failure. But success was hidden in corner behind unless I turn the corner, I never know how far.

Again, if it doesn't work, before further forward again a bit. In fact, every time a little bit of progress is not too difficult.Christian Louboutin Boots

Henceforth, I admit that every day of the struggle is like a towering trees, the first few knife cut strike may performence of trace. Every hit seemingly insignificant, however, the cumulative, giant tree will fall. This is my efforts of today.

Like raindrops, devouring flush mountain tiger ant, the stars of light upon the earth, built the pyramids of slaves, I also want a brick tiles to build your own castle, because I knew a truth, as long as perserve, what all can.

I never consider fail, I no longer have give up the dictionary, impossible, impossible, no, problematic, failures and won't work, no hope, shrink back... This kind of foolish words. I will try to avoid despair, once by its threat, immediately try every means to it challenges. I will work hard, bear suffering. I look to the future, go forward, no longer pays attention at the foot of the obstacles. I firmly believe that desert end is oasis.

I will remember the ancient balances, encourage ourselves to persevere, because every time a failure will increase the next chance of success. This time the refuse of the next agree with, This time frowned is next stretch smile, Today's misfortune, each nay of good luck. Curtain of night arrives, recall day encounters, I always feel grateful. I understand that, only failed many times, the ability to succeed.

I will try, try, try again. Obstacle is my success in here, I meet this challenge. I like the mariners, braving the wind and waves.

Henceforth, I will use other secret of success. The past is success or failure, I completely overlook, only conduct beliefs, tomorrow will be better. When I'm exhausted, I want to resist the temptation of home and try again. I try to try again, strive for success every day ended in failure, avoid. I want for tomorrow's successful sow, exceed those to class. In another stagnant, I continue to strive, one day I will harvest.Christian Louboutin

I don't because of yesterday's success and satisfaction, because it is a failure aura. Yesterday I will forget everything is good is bad, make it with breeze but go to. I greet the new sun with confidence, believe "today is the best day" in this lifetime.

As long as I alive, will I persist, for now I know the secret of success: constantly, will eventually succeed.


Beautiful MM sweet qiu dong outfit

Yumi is a hair girl, for love and dressing has her own a unique taste, today she is to bring us a few to her own servers qiu dong is tie-in, hope MM people can like oh:

01 yellow is very bouncing colour, can in dim winter particularly notable horn to buckle, NeZi coat is very suitable for skin fair-skinneds in vain MM, collocation today season is very Hot restoring ancient ways of snow leopard grain satchel, foot pitched boots tide flavour is dye-in-the-wood.

02 year very popular napoleon style, except black department, rice lubricious department also very individualize, but it seems collocation oh, MM broke before waking tie-in means, tie-in white shirt exposing the waist fine long money belt is seasonal fashionable grows outside short most Hit mix build.Christian Louboutin

03 with metallic skin of coat, built-in lambs hair even cap turndown collar design makes you look smart spends a lot, threaded shrinkage mouth hem let MM curve reveal, black close-fitting render pants is suitable for leg muscles is proportioned da oh.Christian louboutin Black
04 color splicing paragraph coat is very characteristic, let MM look so energetic, quilting cotton satchel is today season superheroes sheet is tasted, no matter go shopping or friends all let people have a relax feeling.Christian Louboutin shoes

05 paragraph extremely fashionable conjoined twins BeiDaiKu outside pitched very grab an eye of orange leisure guard coat let you immediately became the focus of attention, low bosom of bogus white T-shirt show black wipes bosom edge let MM look sexy many, it is now very strong sweet + sexy microlenders by Mix, which collects data combination.

06 chest big LOGO v-neck guard coat dynamic, build a milky collar already can heat preservation and won't let neck too drab, joined the game elements of portable bag is in theseason super best-selling among oh.


Prince William's wedding plan

BEIJING, Nov. 24 (Xinhuanet) -- Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton will take place at Westminster Abbey, the church where Princess Diana's funeral was held, according to UK media reports.Christian Louboutin Pumps

Royal officials said Tuesday that the couple chose the venue for its beauty, intimacy and historic royal connections.Christian Louboutin Boots

This will be the 15th royal wedding conducted during the 1,000-year history of the Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster.

It has also been confirmed by David Carmeron that the nation would be given an extra bank holiday to celebrate the marriage, which will be held on Friday, April 29.

"The wedding of Kate and William will be a happy and momentous occasion. We want to mark the day as one of national celebration, a public holiday will ensure the most people possible will have a chance to celebrate on the day," Cameron said in a statement.Christian Louboutin

It means Britain will be open for business on only three days between April 22 and May 2, because Easter is the weekend before the wedding, and the May Day bank holiday is the following Monday.

According to The Telegraph reports, the wedding will cost the economy about 7.9 billion US dollars(about 5 billion pounds) by creating consecutive four-day weekends in April.

(1 pound = 1.5782 US dollar)


I spent time in the eighteenth year of talents and you sit together drink coffee

My friends, some white-collar in your opinion within reach of the thing, I give a great effort.
Since I was born of the moment, my identity and you have mandelbrot, because I can sign up for a rural registered permanent residence, but you are registered city. If I grow up keep rural registered permanent residence, so I couldn't find in the city a full-time, cannot enjoy insurance of endowment insurance, medical treatment. So I will go to town, through their own struggle to attain you was born with cities of registered permanent residence.
College is the only chance NongMen me jump. In wooden bridge on equipped and see a valiant around the classmate batch lok ma, more and more narrow road ahead of me, I know this outstanding person heart is xi is sorrow.
And your entrance pressure is much smaller, competition is not so intense that lesson is not very heavy. If you don't want so hard to attend the university entrance exam, as long as the achievement is not too bad, you can have the chance to get walks in senior 3 places, even grades te be bad, will also be "Saul" into a local third-rate university, and the university I may also be third-class got high marks to get in, because by area allocation of quota left Shanghai local places too much.
Our papers as we fractional line but not identical, but when we all get admission notice, have the tuition is same. I belong to lucky, casting a plus student-aiding loan finally pay tuition fees, together first looked at those holding admission notice sorrow unbearable family nearly desperate classmate, my heart really not the taste. Education industrialization era of university recruits is not only a straight-a students, but also have rich parents.
Came to Shanghai, I found this metropolis compared with my classmates, I really soil drop slag. I can't draw, won't play an instrument, haven't seen wuxia novels, do not know to mp3, in order to understand the marketing GuanLiKe on "warehouse supermarkets" concept, I "metro" curiously saw a day, I have never seen such abundant commodity.Christian Louboutin
I have never touched the computer, for this reason I spent six months in the school room to study in bubble you in secondary school learn the basic knowledge and skills. My English pronunciation Chinese people and foreigners can't understand, I can only spending another year correct my pronunciation.
I can tolerate city classmate of ridicule, can not eat a few weeks volunteers, can on Saturday and Sunday, all-day bubble in the library and study lounges, can be in lonely bored night in the playground going round and run. I think one day I graduated in this city, I can earn a salary, I'll be with you this growth in the city of teenager -- a Shanghai citizens, but my parents are proud of me, because their children at Shanghai work!
Finally graduated, monthly 2000 yuan of right-and-left wage level, you may think it's pocket money should be enough for you, but for me, I still want to rent, pay fee will also hydropower coal GSSL, still want to send money home grey-furred continue to read, let the rest of the money only enough I GaiJiaoFan each meal to eat with you, and I still can't sit starbucks coffee!Christian louboutin Black
Now I read a master degree in Shanghai, now have a salary 780 thousand work. I struggled for eighteen years, and now finally I may be with you sit together drink coffee. I have already into the international metropolis, and the surrounding white-collar friends no difference. But I can't forget hard struggle in those difficult times, can't forget those who once classmates and they can never achieve long-cherished wish. Often saw is working with fate students, my heart will always have a heavy responsibility.
I read a master in Shanghai, have discussed a vinda paper marketing case, one of my was already three years work experience, current a sino-foreign joint venture company hr &admin.manager to students, this paper puts forward a solution: should let vinda paper to development of high grade kleenex products to 900 million farmers market. I'm surprised how she raised the scheme of courage, at that time I asked her whether she knew farmer brother after dinner on how to deal with facial greasy, she looked at me, I confused with the mouth cape wipe on both sides of the two, thus no indecent moves her an amargeddon dignation.Christian Louboutin
In a macro economics class, my another classmate wantonly critical laid-off workers and drop out of work farming young: "80% is due to their own don't try, young don't learn a foreign expertise, so now laid-off suck! Those students can work well, while reading side is said to have a lot of students a summer can make thousands of yuan, tuition still use sorrow?" I don't know of this classmate too poor rural areas.
I was born in the mid 1970s, my peers are gradually become the mainstay of the society, our behavior will affect the development of economic and society. This world fair is relative, this is not terrible, but in superior environment grows in young people and long ago had eaten bitter has now been forgotten man to unfair blind is very terrible.
I spent time in the eighteenth year of talents and you sit together drink coffee.


The heart has complex wife oriented

That morning, every gram up late, some worry, don't pay attention to block a taxi, and there was a young woman before he put out my hands.
Taxis in two side stopped, he step cross past want to pull open the door, the driver blew stop him, said: "is this young lady first block."
Whoever grams of some embarrassed, said: "sorry." That woman laughed and said: "see you quite disturbed, you go first." Whoever grams TuiRang, a bearer a went quickly between, the driver say: "if you drop by and go together."
Both leng once, and then said to the site, very skillful, each other's company in neighbouring offices.
Thus they have met, the woman named plums.
Again, it is the two met office between their respective snack, go to lunch with my colleagues. Such meeting is not a surprise, saw and nod, tacitly laughed.
Sitting opposite desk, whoever grams of hand accidentally met the edge of the chair breakage, and underline the blood. Before he reaction come over, opposite of plum has been handed a clean towel. He answers, fingers touched her finger.Christian Louboutin Pumps
The next morning, he started at intersections intentionally or unintentionally, whoever grams in this love laughs woman body, feel a kind of own life is a lack of mild, slowly trapped inside.
Her home, small space, clean, comfortable. She's cooking and captured the whoever grams of stomach, Tiny little affectations and thoroughly tender captive his heart.
This is he imagined insipid happiness, but in so long after marriage, at another woman were obtained.
Divorce idea, on her way home has been blink.
His life started in plum and marriage between swing, wife JiangJing weight though clearly some lighter, but add son, appear equilibrium.Christian Louboutin Flats
He consult to lijiang and plums. Hear, that's a will make his Jill of good places.
And her husband heard that JiangJing going on a business trip, immediately be not happy, before he go, bring up children back to the home, even all the luggage didn't give him up. But this time, he was no longer care.


Looking for happiness, happiness than business

Now the men and women of family, many friends were looking for my so-called happiness life, complaining about his side can't give happiness, always thinking of an unrealistic dreams, even some of his life in looking for happiness, in fact, happiness is at hand.
Remember the Nobel Prize winner Bernard shaw said: "at this moment in the earth, about 20,000 people for when your life partner, see you first met which, if in the second ideal partner before the emergence, you already near a person develop pities and mutual trust deep relationship, the latter can become your good friends, but if your front a person without cultivate deep relationship, relationship is easy to shake, and heart, until you with these ideal candidate's one has solid soulful, is happiness begins, drifting over."
Love a person does not need by hard work, need only by "fortune", is the arrangement of the god, but "continue to love a person" be about to rely on "hard", in the love and management, smooth running of factors is to communicate, considerate and tolerance and homemade (temptation somewhat homemade). There are many people who always as "fortune" deluded thoughts with bitterness, constantly, keep, desires, and forgot a snare not dispersed training management emotional capability is the key of happiness.
So don't ask who is my Mr. Right, but said in front of your eyes, partnership, I can try to arrive what extent, growth and to what degree, if do not have the ability to develop business happiness, even if really Mr. Right appeared beside you, happiness will still miss, and living in comedy with the regret of, is not this the one whom many "love nothing disease" experience and feeling?
If you now have a long-term concomitant partner, don't literally half-hearted land hesitates a hard to perceive, our feelings in a trap, namely "nearly biological ManWu", namely in economics iron law "diminishing marginal benefit principle", together with you more long, the easier it will be to numbness and neglect, and fresh "fortune" is always so charming and lovely. Christian Louboutin Pumps
In the emotional treatment, has to avoid friction and unintended hurts, and concerning SINS against his own number scale up the most, of course we are with together the longest and most closest to you. But new sweetheart? Haven't started again have sinned against your opportunity, plus his try to impress, so new look how cute, old love look how annoying.
But don't forget, sweetheart body always have not sure of the unknown, old love body is has the rare familiar feeling, determine and sense of self-confidence. Don't literally in accidental "fortune" lost themselves, misplaced the happiness warm hand.
So Bernard shaw, it is to remind lover not too dwelling in searching the only, should the spirit in society with the ability of operating happiness, but also remind us "drowning goats took a Duncan" if the good fortune to meet the rare partner, don't half-hearted, because we never know when will meet 20,000-seat life is one of several, so if you want to know f cherish merit, live in the present.
Predestination is -- people in the world who are many, but when it rains bring you home late at night, in fact there is only one.Christian louboutin Black
Happiness is good at forget oneself give others what, but always remember others for yourself what...
Find happiness than take careful management happiness, cherish what we have at the moment, some things lost will never find don't come back. In fact, happiness on your side!


Apple and butt

A normal just graduation of female teacher, on the blackboard drew an apple, ask student: "children, who knows the blackboard painting of is what?"The children are hurrying to answer: "is a bottom!" The teacher gas Manchester are tears, go looking for a principal reason with.Principal reprimand a student: "you are not reasonable, the teacher is so good, you still put her gas cry."Looked at the blackboard, say again: "who is it? It is still on the blackboard drew an ass?!!"Christian Louboutin Boots


Please let me love you same as relatives

Please let me love you same as relativesI remember it clearly, August 9 hours, heavy rains that evening, the way RuZhu accumulation of knees. I stood in the unit doorway, worrying. Already passed time off for almost an hour, rain wasn't small down meaning. I can't wait any longer, call home several telephone all nobody answered, I'm afraid TianTian an accident, a grind teeth, take your coat with head and rushed into the in the storm.As open the door of shower house, shouted several loud TianTian, all nobody should, my palpitate not a line. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, every room is empty. I in the building is remittent found several times, no. I rushed to the village to the room there, ask seen TianTian, a small security said: around five or so, TianTian wearing my raincoat, holding an umbrella, say to want to pick you up from work. I leave him, but an instant, who didn't. I didn't care.What TianTian ah, how TianTian: hello, good let me worry than what is not strong ah, also pick me up? Hate me straight teether root. I rushed security temper: you didn't care? I told you how much time, although he is 18 years old, but he is only five children's IQ, I request you noticed him. Security perplexed, DiMeiShunYan ground say: elder sister, I didn't mean it!The rain is in ceaseless. Good weather, TianTian will get lost, so heavy rain days, he will go?Mama before he put TianTian entrusted to me, I was his only relative. In order to take care of my daughter is very small, TianTian sent her to live on campus, in order to TianTian, husband's had a lot of injustice... No way, who call me as his elder sister, is this the only rely on? The thought of these, I wipe a pair of tears, always can't wait, I walk from home to unit, on the way, hard look, hope can see shrinkage in a corner TianTian shelter from the rain. However, the street but the occasional a rumbling open past car splashed on me with his sturry outside, then alone in the rain gradually light up the street lamp. Street like fall light the leaves trunk, empty.TianTian, where are you now?2I put TianTian lost. That is a burst of, I was crazy ZouJieChuanHang find TianTian, alarm, stick a small advertising, with husband noisy. The husband say: our school find went, you also want to take good care of yourself, no TianTian; our days but still live. My eyes eruptive, worthier: you've too TianTian is a drag, isn't it? If you can't find back him, did he? The husband ignores me. His daughter: mom, you shouldn't be so conscienceless said dad, small uncle got lost, dad and very sad.My eyes again stem and astringent, TianTian lost, I how to face you jiuquan under grandmother?Mother point of tightly hold hands with quartered lines fill my eyes, said to me: no matter how, all don't leave him! I knelt on the ground, with the mother swear, I will never, never dropped brother.But, now I put his lost. He is to send me an umbrella...The husband some shadowy, every night after dinner, said the company have to work overtime, hurried out late. I don't mind tube he, that day but on his shirt discovered red imprinting. I think: if he really wanted to but, nevertheless! I told him noisy, he say nothing, eating meals still dressed out. I followed him out of village, I saw him turn into the street XiaoMaiDian, came out, hand carry small bucket and a stack thick red paper sheet. At once I learnt, ran up and embrace him.That night, we stick the night without a small advertising. The husband say: find TianTian, let me clean. I had a forced, my husband is always law-abiding people, stick this small advertising, also true touch him.Continuously someone call provide clues. I ran, have a plenty of opportunity to knock some money, some is retarded children loved ones, to comfort me. My heart was lit the hope again, and tears come to destruction.Every evening I sleep, TianTian will sleep where? He went to wear very little, will frozen??!! Will I met a traffic accident, or a bad man? I dare not to think about. The husband say: you believe or good, this is in the world. Let's TianTian is a blessed child, certain to find good people.Once again picked up the receiver, I heard a girl clear voice, she said: elder sister, I this a boy, with your meaner walshman wrote on very much like you to with blessing street 18 "sunshine" meter shop come, I told him here waiting for you!I entered into "one meter sunshine" living, almost thought it was TianTian. The same big tall, the same clean, the same innocence. But he turned, I very disappointed, he is not TianTian. I was disappointed to turn to move, saw his side of the girl. She slipped the boy a game handle, said: lovely, play by myself, my sister with this elder sister to say a few words. The boy laughed nodded, countersunk played video games.I pointed to the boy and asked: "who is he? The girl pull a bench and let me sit down. Sunshine, I hear their stories.


Love is let it pure

1, TangJian in the new academic year, the first day in the crowd saw SuFang wan.
That is a shy girl, a hit him. At that time, the TangJian, are already small boss purports in university, where operates small supermarket.
A BangXue elder sister took these primary school the younger sister went inside the dormitory, SuFang wan drive back a cowboy pouches, in order to TangJian view, is the kind of street Shouting all ten yuan bag shop etc WaiHuo. These, TangJian understanding, he graduated from high school is south of gold, the quality of advantages and disadvantages, at a glance to discern.
After several days, SuFang wan to buy appliances, a tube of toothpaste, a small bottle of moist frost, a total of ten dollar an iceberg. TangJian generous, wave his hand and old customer, a dime has exempted.
Who knows her bad skin, moist frost used, but allergies. Dormitory a gang of girl pulled her small supermarket reason, TangJian first not zissel. Later, SuFang wan nonchalantly said, come, my skin was bad.
TangJian extra-sharp softhearted, took another counter olay, forget it, I'm unlucky. He saw, a few girls opened his eyes wide in surprise.
SuFang wan and lightly smile, exchange to uphold the principle of price equal, I don't.
Few of the girls and the zheng big eyes.
TangJian thought she might encounter a evenly matched against the psychological. She did more beyond yourself surprise and he more feel, this against meaningful.
Her family is poor. This, is TangJian three months later, one of the boys in economics and very intimate, cleverly picked up by the news.
Since then, the SuFang wan every time shopping, TangJian total want to substitute her province a fraction. He for many reasons, only once, said something wrong.
Five yuan is the thing, he freely said sentence, you in this store to buy goods more than fifty yuan, the free.
SuFang wan slightly hesitated for a second, each person to buy things you remember?
TangJian this ability to appreciate his suddenness, very embarrassed. Freely pay, I have accounting, can remember.
SuFang wan began laughing. This TangJian smile like bloom in the heart of a flower.
The number of SuFang wan to store up gradually more, sometimes not buy things and stood there with TangJian chat. This is his most happy time, and accordingly, often a mistake the TAB.
She found TangJian help, already was half semester. She has a low voice, ask, can you help me a little busy, I think, borrow some money.
Between men and women, in fact the hardest talk to lend or most easily talk to borrow money. The former is relationship not familiar with general friend and have deep down the possibility of development, while the latter is already two feelings mutually yue, about marriage theory to marry. TangJian think yourself with her, is what relation? The former right, but he willingly.
The number is not much, borrow 500 yuan, also is TangJian and those evil companions days of consumption. Red in the face SuFang wan said thank you, TangJian suddenly felt like on her nose scratch the. But she said, it is not the money I at that time, otherwise, I help you in your supermarket LiLi goods, DaDaGong? You buckle from wages count.
Although small supermarket is not short, although knowing how a person to a more burden, but TangJian but be elated, he smile to ask you a month to want how many money?
Unexpectedly, SuFang wan low to said a sentence, one hundred, ok for you?
TangJian heart, suddenly pain up.
2, to further understand the result, SuFang wan know TangJian of many things. He had handbags, selling to hainan done pearl business, on the sea, on small kayaks almost people crowded into the sea.
Then suddenly one day TangJian big talk experiences when looked up, but saw several industry and commerce shape of people standing in front of him. A conveniently dianqi he put on the table name card, you are the owner?
TangJian shop, without any business license, so the closure. SuFang wan said, I would find a way to pay you back. TangJian smile, I see friends or calculated, running a company want me to help you to look after, in zhuhai.
Seems so ended, TangJian friends come to send him to the airport, he some absent-minded. Has a friend smile, say TangJian affirmation is waiting for the surname Sue girl. TangJian smile and said, where is that my creditors.
More than twenty years old, said memorable, some youth things like night moonlight passed.
When boarding in TangJian said in his heart, goodbye, SuFang wan.
Friend's company open on the seashore, scenery is very good. TangJian some confusion, at the seaside always don't know is which direction. He asks, north in where? Friend laughed shew him. Then ask, to home?
TangJian smile and shook his head, he is to SuFang wan. He insisted SuFang wan to send E-mail, SuFang wan reply is intermittent. TangJian said that zhuhai was the most suitable for human life place, SuFang wan will reply, then you live there right, that slice of pure sky, also have me a memory. Your that small supermarket shut again after it opened a new supermarket, but the thing without your cheap. I graduated next year.
In time, in forecast with the fingers between iamginition and euphemism and capricious flows quietly.
SuFang wan to zhuhai, without any notice. TangJian suddenly received a message and I at the station, to you there. How to walk?
Standing in the exit, there TangJian think her heart beating fast. SuFang wan lightly smile, to TangJian said, I am also your money comes.
3, the jin tai temple scenery is very beautiful, but vowed, SuFang wan solemnly, like a most devout, took out body all change, and cast into the margin box inside.
TangJian almost see stay. Even fight for years, how ever seen such a sight. Cannot help but ask, you exactly what'd made?
SuFang wan smile, say, I only hope that parents' life better, henceforth, happy, no worries, without any unbearable disputes. TangJian curious, ask, does a family difficulties?
SuFang wan and laughed, but it is my desire, you need not take it seriously.
SuFang wan to take out money to also TangJian. He pushed a don't. But she primly said to him, no matter what, I owe you always want it back. If I charge you for money, is tianyahaijiao pass. Also, those bits and pieces of money, I still remember, total is ten binary hexagonal bar, concurrently included in the inside.
TangJian feel a little bit cold down, heart, in his words, money is nothing what of, but the immediate dialogue SuFang wan, the shirt and jeans SuFang wan, helpless.
Two days of life, is almost spent in the dream. Hotel receptionist SuFang wan check-out, TangJian sitting there on the sofa watching her think, or has no chance.
Opportunities are not, in a taxi, she unexpectedly stretch back and gently in his face peck once, night, her eyes bright like stars. Well, since then, let's not even-steven.
TangJian some LengZheng, SuFang wan like appeared in his life inside of a star, in his sky so bright so bright glare for a long time, but finally will from oneself so far away. Just at her arrival, still be a doubt, two days are two people together, she exactly what to do?
On the bus, but cannot help but ask out, SuFang wan only smile 1, debts!
Debt, and still use faraway come here, you only need to know me, remit to come over and then do card number.
She smiled and said, some debt is himself will be also, does this you also don't understand?
4, the kiss, has been in TangJian heart, and bare root, sent a bud, he wants to SuFang wan to him is not without meaning. He quietly left her address, think she should competitiors to her house, give her a surprise.
The next day, pour a few times that car, finally came to the village, where to people about, TangJian can always get a amazing expression, he thought it might be others looked at him with a well-dressed, country accent's sake. But to the home, after only TangJian knew he was wrong.
SuFang wan looks like her mother, and her father, then distempering, look not to come out the real appearance. TangJian quietly to our neighbor pry, just know to SuFang wan college, father borrowed money, but not yet, because this dispute came to blows, and then mentally received stimulation, and was shot in the head, became so shape.
SuFang wan's mother, hang down with tears, and said, we cannot let square wan home, because she return to a house fussin to drop out of school, can't stand, simply ask her outside the money he earned, said home urgent need.
TangJian nose acid, remembering the jin tai temple, the devout matchless SuFang wan, her greatest wish is actually, parents in peace.
He gave her hair message, why? I now in your hometown.
SuFang wan SMS night just return to come over, why not, I'm afraid I can't make you. At school and you eat a bucket of instant noodles, you know the classmates say what? Said I for the sake of a pack of instant noodles, can betray hue, this in adolescence, is great suffering. It is love, let it pure it to her, lest fall into ordinary, you bear to see?
TangJian tears rolled on he prepared 2,000 yuan of money, originally this money is for SuFang wan parents, but now he perplexed. Since then, but no more her news. Her telephone number, TangJian played, empty number, call her classmate, only hear is after graduation, a man went to Beijing, and any classmate lost contact with each other.Christian Louboutin Boots
TangJian think, in this life may be gone. Remember what she'd said, not to me too, I just hope the mundane world a tacky, was not in front performance that side, you because I still want to leave before you a affection, and this affection, is between us the piece glittering and translucent things. Or one day you on the street and see an unkempt appearance women, carrying food, and sang happy song son to oneself, that's me.
Have the chance to travel to Beijing, in order to save some words fee, TangJian on the street and small store call, hutongs, suddenly there came then a woman, peng hair, carrying food basket, still hum song son. TangJian are reporting, suddenly stopped down, dazed on it, the tears that out. Christian louboutin Black
Not SuFang wan. But, some years ago that smile, again into my mind. She said that, with smile old goodbye, she is one of the ways to him in return. So, feelings in a pure point forever, no lusts, no hooking up, even no desire. There are a lot of people, and then stop, stop at this point, stopped life.Christian Louboutin


Beautiful life

Mother went, but the beauty is preserved, and it has become a habit by my cherished treasure to defend, it will never be lost. This is the friend told me more than I stories, listening, and I in tears: a mother is a beauty of a woman, have always liked high heels. There are many mothers pair of high heels, neatly placed in the closet, though rarely wear, but she wiped out so much is, on the balcony for a blow. Father, child, looking at her side to water the flowers, happy sigh, he was so appreciated by the mother, this woman never went beautiful. 24 years old, I have grown into a beautiful girl, tall, his face has traces of his mother when he was young, fair and noble. I have more than 1,000 kilometers from home to work in Xiamen, to go back once or twice a year. Every time before going home, as usual, will be heard from her: take the most beautiful clothes neat to see me back ah. I smiled happily over the phone, his mother always wanted her daughter is a beautiful woman knows ah. Mother had told me when I grow up, a woman is a woman, soft and elegant nature in respect of any place should a woman become warmer because of good fortune. She told me the old woman in Shanghai Zhang, said she would sleep on the train for cotton pajamas, surrounded the bed with a curtain around to quiet sleep, a woman should be a time to cherish their habit; mother also talked about Zhang good friend's house once to see the toilet in the towel a few holes, the next day and bought a dozen towels for a friend, said her towels are changed once every two weeks, the basic is hard to change , a towel and only a few dollars, which is about a woman's mood ah. Mother told me all this, the eyes of the very vivid, described her as an intimate friend. I listen to his mother's words, every time before going home, I have something to take care of themselves properly, for example to do a thorough skin care, put the most beautiful dress, Yuntie filament with Buzzard and fine sheep's clothing heels, to the barber shop maintenance hair, hair clip with beautiful make a bun out the door, then buy this suitcase full of beautiful clothes, like a bird flying back to mother. Thinking about the reunion with his mother, I could not help but smile. After two hours home, I will not busy off high heels, always turn on the lap before the mother, let her enjoy some of her beautiful daughter. Next, we ran into that of the largest sunny bedroom and started trying on all kinds of beautiful clothes. Father with a smile on their aprons, one into the kitchen, preparing delicious food for us. I opened the suitcase, to a lovely Qunshan spread out in the big bed, while her mother was opening it out jewelry boxes, necklace and bracelet for me, coupled with, put on a set, I put a position, so that the mother look at me is pretty. Once, I was with a black crepe Chouqun, with a pink shirt, the mother gently shook his head, put my pieces of pale blue gown that gave me, let me try again, and sure enough, the mirror, I like painting in the woman. So beautiful ah. Mother, high spirits, opened his own wardrobe, which pulls out from some of the saved her silk products. I remember one time I put on her only through the two young black purple dress, wearing a dark blue mother of pearl bracelet, the mother's eyes, something was different, "the little moss, you know? You are like I was young When a woman's beauty is really a pleasure ah. when I was wearing this dress to see your father. "mothers have a favorite old-fashioned wide-chair, placed in position by the window, she sitting on that rattan chair quietly admiring her beautiful daughter. Father pushed open the door a few times, to our delivery of fruit and tea, and a look of the smile: you two women, ah, not busy ah? "You see what beautiful?" I quickly rolled up his mother's hand. Father, gentle eyes that I will always remember, the two women are all of his happy ah. When we try tired, his father's food has long been put on the table, fruit dessert sauce ribs chicken soup are all available. Father to my mother and I kept their food bowl, he dotes on her little one old and one of two chasing a beautiful woman. Three of the home is full of warmth, mother's day, the family will always have a quiet and beautiful. Table, the three of us have a convention: the fall, when my mother and I will wear the most beautiful clothes, either side accompanied my father, to a family trip, "Let all the world men envy you. "I said to his father mysteriously. Of that wonderful moment, I knew my father infinite yearning. Second Life, but there are too many accidents, that is, in that sad autumn, a serious illness away a beautiful mother. Mother away, my father's hair white overnight, and I remember he sat on her favorite wicker chair on the bird tightly holding the cup to drink the mother did not say a word, the kind of old so I pain. By the mother, then, with her favorite dress to wear photo frame preamplifier lily, there is no trace of the dead, but rather miss a person taking a trip. Mother died the first rainy season, I see my father back from Xiamen. Went into, he is squatting on the ground playing with mother's high heels, both carry out a carefully wipe clean, then into the air on the balcony and saw me, he sighed and said: I am afraid of mildew, and take look out through the wind. Then baby stuff your mother ah. I could not stop the tears left behind. I still customary to open the box, and that there are so many beautiful clothes, but no one enjoyed. Mother left, I never had performance show, that was the beauty of his father expected travel has vanished. The next morning, the mother bird finds his father sitting on wicker chair, his back to the window made for a long time to stay. An idea flashed in my mind, Christian Louboutin Pumps the three of us agreed that field trips can still be beautiful, ah, I can still get him to become the envy of all men. I eventually persuaded his father, embarked on a flight to Jiuzhaigou, where large tracts of virgin forest, the mother like the forests, which she want to go. I carry a box on the beautiful clothes, like the original every time I go home, the difference is that I put my mother in the suitcase a few of her favorite clothes, because it is three travel ah. All this father is not known. Jiuzhai really did not let me down, and the United States was impressive. The first day I wore that piece of black mothers favorite purple dress. Sure enough, his father saw this outfit, eyes bright. That day, he finally filed a mother to me, he said: a small moss, your mother gone so long, we go some of my mood today. I think I saw some of her shadow then. I was just taking his father's arm over and over again in the gravel walks, talked with him gently. Many people look back at us, look for his father's envy, I put on my mother's clothes are so superior temperament, and such a beautiful daughter, accompanied his father to travel is few, so be the object of attention for granted . I saw his eyes passing reassuring father, is ah, the mother away for so long, and it is my duty to my father happy again ah. For the father, mother's dress and shoes also, she would not go too far. The next day, I put the mother of that large pieces of blue silk shirt, hair pulled back into the air. Later, I heard my father say, that dress is the mother gave birth to my father bought her when, that is with an elegant blue mother, the mother is very precious. Today, I dragged my father to teach Jiuzhai shop,Christian louboutin Black where there are all kinds of pretty little thing ah. In a small shop to see a child a small bucket, I put it down, saying that to buy equipment toiletries, "Sure, just like your mother now." Father looked at me lovingly laugh, he has found in my mother's body shadow. Health and beauty that is woman, all her genes are inherited her beautiful daughter, this is not lost ah. The seven-day trip to complete a long-cherished wish, but also to his father happy again. Mother went, but the beauty is preserved, and it has become a habit by my cherished treasure to defend, it will never be lost.


Our friendship is the most "Cishi"

We both like porcelain, porcelain workshop met at a literary friends. But they are as poor, one is CEOs of large companies, one is a small cadre authorities. Finance executives large collections once donated millions of dollars worth Provincial Museum, and I, a lifetime can not earn a million, even in the face beloved porcelain, most have no money to buy, only do window shopping, Christian Louboutin only buy Cheap stuff. But we are very knowledgeable, with a trail of words, do not have makes mistakes, so each admiration, sympathetic. I often sit as guest of CEOs - Friends of Tibet for every field visit, hospitality manager, I opened not less seats, the hotel's lowest per capita consumption is 1,000 yuan. This is equivalent to half my salary. I also often invited to dinner veterans, such as a porcelain hands earned eight hundred thousand children, to pull to the snack bar manager, fry a few side dishes, drink two dollars a bottle of beer. CEOs never hold anything against me, always pleased to visit. After dinner, the boss looked at me and pulled out some crumpled bills to settle, and never rush to pay. Although executives often pay for other people, there are times, I went there to help identify a porcelain bosses to meet officials of the identity of an outspoken veterans to be reimbursed to let some of Hospitality. CEOs did not look even amount to the invoice signed and the financial take to write a check. CEOs said that these people can not mess with, alas! My company, often some kind of identity by name, for various reasons, to reimbursement of meal costs, fuel costs, and even the families of drugs.Christian Louboutin Pumps My wife once had had an operation, medicines have so far failed because of units of funds for reimbursement. I did not speak to the manager will be, although this medicine has affected my life. We are as close as brothers, friends, how can we stand idly by if I open mister? CEOs seem to know this, but also personally go to the hospital had visited it, I have mentioned. But the boss will be in a unique way to help me. One time my toilet leaking, masons came from the veterans, personally go into battle, planing the floor, doing water, and then insert the new cement floor is good, too tired to sweat. CEOs say, you are to spend money to hire someone like me can not find what Masons craft. I am happy to smile, to the boss handed tea. If I return home to visit his mother the next, the general manager will buy some gifts, ten, eight back, and personally driving, CEOs say, your mother is my mother. Once my mother birthday, boss and even turned down a business, determined to go. Indeed, as pro as brothers, but in many ways, we are not people. I have a porcelain hand, such as scouring for money to other objects. CEOs have long liked, as forwarded to me said that pieces of china, the market price is one million, for the two experts, this is a clear price. CEOs want to, I can only offer eight thousand, mister smile. A mere two thousand dollars, for veterans, it is not what I can to the full price, even can take this opportunity to give me some money, because my life is not well-off, but the boss did not. In their life, we are two different tracks. Business manager of the company, driving luxury cars, staying in a hotel, flying on business, can be described as Rijindoujin, I diligently in the office, even though salaries Wei thin, but fun. I have a wish, such as saving enough money, to accompany his wife have long wanted to visit Yunnan. Yunnan For CEOs, it is a place to go often. Not to mention their own, those who cling to him, and his light stick to play and can I, as his good friend, but as a dream to work with. CEOs just wish I could early realization of this wish. I also wish the bosses the smooth, rolling in money. So friends, worldly rare, low self-esteem from a never cheap, never a snob. Others say I have integrity, not looking up, do not cling, not plunges. And I appreciate the veterans, he does not easily charity, only a normal heart to be me. While the secular view, we seem like brothers, just like unreasonable. Even felt that a mock GAO, just a phony. But people who know how to porcelain all know, the same piece of porcelain, perfect, can be priceless, but slightly flawed, even if there is a large scar on the nail, or a shallow cracks, but it will be great discounts. "Porcelain broken edge, worthless money," is the truth. How could we not know? It turned out that we are careful to care of each other's perfect. We are such a pair of friends, is this not a pair of perfect porcelain it?Christian Louboutin Boots


Thicker right calf running posture to avoid

Indeed, the calf will run thicker leg sprinters are very thick on; running leg will also become strong, more beautiful leg line, all marathon runners are very thin legs. This is because the running posture and strength due to runners. In the running time, with the ball of your foot first landing, or the whole foot at the same time the ground, then, will the lower leg anterior tibia and knee joint caused by injury, and will strongly stimulate the calf muscles, causing calf thicker; if the running posture is to maximize the use of heel first with land, and then scroll to the foot by the heel. So run, run on the ankle joint can reduce stress, Christian Louboutin avoid injury. Foot landing to keep the knee slightly bent, not straight, the knee has a cushioning effect, but also stretch the calf, the calf muscle stimulation is not strong. This method does not cause the calf to run thicker. Running, we need to use all the leg before leaping into the body. The main output of the former thigh muscle, but it will inevitably be used in the calf muscles. To avoid carrot leg after running, you can do some stretching movements to relax tight muscles. Even with the correct running posture, a female friend early in the jogging leg is still feeling "a long rough", because often, after running, legs very tired, stiff, stiff, there is a sense of tension, Christian Louboutin Boots so have a female friend the illusion of thicker. Filed to run, many people thought it was the anaerobic exercise, it is not. When running strength, is when intense anaerobic exercise, such as 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters sprint, etc.. Sprinters who are taken before the feet touch the ground, so run faster, but also requires a strong calf muscles. Therefore, you will find sprinters legs were thick. When running low intensity, long duration, it is the anaerobic exercise such as marathon distance run, they run more than ten kilometers daily, and their more shapely legs will be more detailed, and no thicker. Therefore, to avoid the coarsening of the weight-loss method of calf in addition to the correct running posture, but also to low intensity, rhythm, longer duration of aerobic exercise of jogging, it consumes the body of sugar and fat. Jogging for at least 30 minutes, up from 1 to 2 hours. But the speed is not too fast, take heart rate control in heart rate range of aerobic exercise, can not be too slow, or not achieve the role of exercise. More than 20 minutes of slow long-distance running not only large body of glycogen depletion,Christian Louboutin Pumps but also to use the body fat. Slow long-distance running is not very intense because, not to make the body too much oxygen, so the consumption of fat will help to achieve weight loss goals. Note that the weight of the larger people who want to lose weight, the weight of its own impact on the joints will be relatively large, on the knee and ankle joints can cause damage, so not suitable for long-term single jogging, you can choose ellipsometry, mountain climbing machine, rowing machine, stationary bicycle for aerobic exercise reduce fat.


Please let me love you like family, like

1 I remember it, August 9 from work that evening, the storm, such as injection, the way the water did not have knees. I stood in the door unit, anxiety. Has been a rush for nearly an hour, but the rain did not mean small down. I can not wait to give your home a few phone calls no answer, I fear, Tada accident, a bite, the coat kept in the head and into the storm in the. Open the door, like a drowned rat at home, call a few times Tada, nobody should be, I was not flustered. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, each room is empty. I looked up and down in the corridor a few times, no. I rushed to the area of the guard house there, ask to see did not see Tada, a small security guard said: about five o'clock, Tada wearing raincoats and carrying umbrellas, and said to pick you up from work. I left him to be a flash, you lose. I did not care. He Tada ah, what Tada, you will not let me worry about than what good is not strong, ah, still pick me up? I hate straight Yaoya Gen. I rushed Security temper: you do not care? I told you how many times, although he 18 years old, but he was only 5 years old children's IQ, I asked that you watch over him. Security know what to do, Dimeishunyan said: Sister, I did not mean it! Rain was still falling steadily. Good weather, Tada will be lost, so it rains, he will going? Tada before dying mother entrusted to me, and I was his only family. In order to take care of Tada, a small daughter, I send her to live on campus, in order to Tada, many wronged by her husband ... ... no way, who told me his sister, is only the world rely on it? Think of these, I wiped a tear, we can not so and so, I go from home to the unit, along the way, hard to see, would like to see in one corner of the rain reduced the Tada. However, the street opened in the past apart from the occasional car rumbling splash mud all over me, but then there are all alone in the rain gradually light up the street was. Light the leaves off the street like a trunk, empty. Tada, where are you ah? 2 I Tada lost. That while I was crazy to find the street Tada, alarm, posted a small ad, arguing with her husband. My husband said: We find on the dedicated line, you have to take care of yourself, no Tada, and we also have to go on the day. My eyes fire-breathing, hoarse: You have long suspected Tada is a drag, is not it? You brought back to his anxious, is not it? My husband ignores me. Daughter: Mom, you can not say so heartless father, uncle wandered off small, and my father very sad. My eyes dry and astringent, Tada lost, how can I be worthy of your heaven's grandmother? Mother on her deathbed, keep close ties with Tada's hand, said to me: no matter how kind, have not dropped him! I knelt on the ground, my mother swear, I will not, never dropped his brother. However, now I get him lost. He is going to give me some elusive comes the ... ... Christian Louboutin Pumps
her husband every night after supper, saying the company to work overtime, rush out and back late. I did not mind control him, but in his day, found a red shirt imprinted. I think: If he really wants, however, to but it! I fought with this, what if he is not a meal is still wearing out. I followed him, out of the area, I saw him turn into the corner tuck shops, came out, carrying a red bucket and a pad of thick paper form. It suddenly struck me over, ran up and hugged him. That night, we posted the night tracing of small ads. My husband said: find Tada, I'll come clean. I smile a little, her husband has always been law-abiding people, posted this little ad, but also making life difficult for him. More and more people call to provide clues. I went to, some want to take the opportunity to knock some money, and some are relatives of children with intellectual disabilities, to comfort me know. I hope my heart is ignited again and again, and again time to exterminate. I can not sleep every night, Tada will sleep here? He went out very little wear, will not the chilled it? Will not encounter a car accident, or bad? I am not down to. My husband said: You believe that this world is still more than good. Let Tada is a blessed child, will meet good people. Pick up the handset again, I hear the crisp sound of a girl, she said: Sister, I've got this boy, with your written notice of missing person's like, you go to 18th Street with the blessing "Yimiyangguang "Come shop, I told him here for you! I entered the "Yimiyangguang" store, almost thought that Tada. Large as tall as the clean, the same as innocence. But he turned, I was disappointed, he was not Tada. I am disappointed to leave, saw the girl next to him. She slips boy and a game controller, said: good, his play, his sister said a few words with this sister. The boy smiled and nodded, went hard at playing games. I pointed to the boy and asked: Who is he? Girls pull off a stool, I sit down. The sun, I hear their stories. 3 girl named Bai Jie, after graduation, opened this shop. Six months ago, the cold chilly, so after she smelt, would like to go home to drink mother's bowl of hot soup, but huddled in the corner saw the boy. The boy lay on the ground, shook the beginning of Bai Jie thought he drank too much wine, walked past. But also a bit worried, turn back, Hanliaoliangsheng, several passers-by around over. Boy talking incoherently, it was reported to the police, the boy Bai Jie with the police to the hospital. The doctor said the boy was a bad cold, and he is mentally retarded. Things here, Bai Jie can continue to lead the quiet life of her, but I do not know how, she always trusted pair of eyes can not let go. She was leaving, the boy suddenly called: my sister, I want to drink water. From that day, Bai Jie on the host to the boy, said he called Fubao, also called Bai Jie He Fubao. Bai Jie and I spoke, turned around to see us keep Fubao, met my eyes, he would gently laugh. My eyes mist, Bai Jie, like me, is a good sister. No, she was better than I, because her face is not related to mentally handicapped children. In the days to find Tada, Bai Jie's "Yimiyangguang" became my ultimate goal. Into the store to see Fubao, I will feel at ease. It was getting to cold, Tada should wear a sweater, and I bought the orange sweater to give Fubao. Fu Bao Le Diandian to put on, smiled at me. And then with some small child behind me asked the question. I repeat, he asks a "then what"? Come to realize, I will talk to me is the thought that Tada. Lower Dir snow, I went to Bai Jie there. A door, Bai Jie stood up from beside the stove, his eyes red, Fubao bed, did not like to see my views as to, cheering. I asked how the Bai Jie, Bai Jie, pointing Fubao said: he had a cold, but refused to play fluids and life and death! I figure this is what ah? I'll put him to the orphanage to go. Fubao body smoke a smoked one, see that they are crying. I sat beside him, said to him: Tell Sister, why not an injection? Fu Bao wrote: sister no money! Bai Jie said: there is money or not you tube, you snack less let me speak on the line. Tada words said to me exactly the same. I have prepared from his pocket and handed 2000 dollars Bai Jie, Bai Jie refused to take life and death. I said: not for you, but for my family Tada, I am good on the Fubao, I hope someone like you I will do this to Tada Fubao good! 4 when the spring comes, Tada lost a full 10 months. I Bai Jie and Fu Bao as a family, and they regarded me as a dependent. I firmly believe that my brother Tada is a place, be good-hearted people to take care of it, then wait for me to find him. I did not find Tada. Fubao has found his parents. Bai Jie's story was a television reporter found out and shot a film, play out, and soon, to find the parents of Fubao. Fubao be led back to that day, I cry all that noise, and Bai Jie. Three Fubao step back, call my sister. Bai Jie said: go to see your sister, you be good, do not always think of playing the game. Fu Bao nodded. Zoulehenyuan, ran back, grab the hand of Bai Jie, the stuff into the hands of a few cents, it is I'll buy you a cake ... ... Bai Jie to Fubao in his arms, I remember those days , Fubao birthday is always babbling about the sister to the words. Although they are bitten apple of God, with the defects, but they are also pure white angel heart, or, in their world, love and hate are more simple and direct something, you treat her well, he will good to you. I quietly wiped tears cheeks, I think of Tada, and people may like our loved ones love him? Bai Jie went to the orphanage I volunteer with, I try to spread the love of Tada out hope to the body at Tada in a love for the same. Summer, the daughter and her husband have joined the volunteer army in the past. In those days, we still always talk about Tada. I no longer hysterical thought he had a bad man. Daughter: Mom, the good in your world is not a lot more? I thought her words carefully, understanding Bai Jie this time, I'm really a lot less complaining, you can use warm eyes to see this world. I began to learn to build a family website with intellectual disabilities, and other Tada back, I do not put him Cangzaijiali, and I want to make a few friends with him more. My future must be and Tada together. Occasionally receive clues Tada, I never give up even a little bit of hope. That morning, I received a phone Bai Jie, she Chanzhuo voice said: Sister, Fubao mother said, from their village in the Mandarin 40 in a village next to the town, hosting a child named Tada, She went to see, with your photo on the missing person notices as ... ... my tears down the face and drip down freely, I know, those kind of seed, and finally bloom ... ...Christian louboutin Black