Handsome upgrade suit jacket is tie-in collar

The business suit presents a handsome and grace many MM has become a suit control, and winter woollen suit jacket with almost a piece. How collocation can make suit more give prize? Small make up recommend is on collocation, absolutely let whole collar dress up add cent many!
帅气升级 西装外套搭配围脖
01 suit skirt place the special clipping very chic, plus the king-size club scarf, administrative levels feeling upgrades, more fashionable and handsome.
02 grey scarf and boots photograph echo, make fluctuation body colour perfect balance.
03 deep pink collar and inside take pink color photograph echo, handsome in take bit of feminine flavour.
04 scarf exquisite manual twist stripe and naked color suit collocation, make whole Look elegant upgrade.
05 double platoon to buckle suits very classical and neuter and want to highlight elegant, add the collar is first selection.
06 suit collocation bud silk skirt very nifty, add the dark scarf, appear cool.


Suit also can play the mix build (2)

To control the suit us to cold winter cannot stop them to suit the fanaticism and persistence, clever apply mix build skills, can will be too dignified business style suits immediately disguise, became beloved joker fashion sheet is tasted, then the advancements topic: oh, continue our today's suit mix build trip it ~

01 of this dress styles with fuzzy suit generous and concise, but a little too sedate solemn feeling, tie-in red medium skirt can not only carry bright integral colour effect, still can manifest the extremely rich stylish elegance and intellectual.

02 is also mix build, inside take cowboy cardigan will show more leisure with the flavor of sex, especially accord with like neutral wind MMS appetite, simple and agile without any liability, rivets pleather add more dynamic.

03 suit also can wear a cool willfulness feeling, tight trousers and the chalaza render boots for the perfect fusion of high boots are female fashion, red and black combination is absolutely classic of classic, is really smart and gave force.

04 wine red 100 plait skirt deserve chalaza leather shoes with a thick British institute wind, even with black suit is also have nifty vigor feeling, circular edge hat to add more have the effect that make the finishing point.

05 double open the bag cultivate one's morality is increased paragraph suit show thin effect, inside take chromatic stripe long sweater avoid wearing black look too drab, unlcerc tight pants and render the boots highlights luxuriant lines very gentle leg provides allure.


History's most comfortable high-heeled shoes do you like?

By Jen

Kary ng (bowknot Adidas I didn't find a, but saw this pair of distinctive high-heeled shoes ~

Japanese fashion designer shan benyao department jointly Adidas make sports series Y - 3

Launched this pair of history's most comfortable high-heeled shoes, allegedly these shoes in manufacturing introduced manufacture Adidas

Sneaker of high-end technology, so although heel has 9cm so high, but put on comfort than a pair of sneakers ~

This pair of high heels named TORSION HEEL already in the network has gone on sale now, sells for 430 USD,

This price enough I buy a pair of red shoes of basic money? ~ kiss are like the high-heeled shoes?


High heels make you sweet, simple woman who becomes Sheng women left

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Decorative black and gold side of ankle Christian Louboutin Boots

Editors: thighs are too thick? Then choose a black and ankle boots! The gold elements into the black boots and let the notes at the foot of the focus of attention.

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Gray retro purple high heels

Editors: retro elegance with high heels, and dresses with, layer emerged in generous fashion sense.

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Decorative bow pointed high-heeled shoes

Editors: OL pointed high-heeled shoes has always been a favorite with elegant black tone, weaving sweet bow, showing a simple and elegant lady temperament.

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White fish head high heels

Editors: fish head with high heels retro elegance of leather with fold treatment, collocation, and simple dress, a woman one of the most wanted collection of styles.


Louboutin Shoes – Purchase and Make a Scene

Here’s a standard scenario: it’s a Sunday brunch and you’re invited. make particular you research wonderful but not fancy. You throw over a gratifying yellow skirt as well as a matching printed top. You research like you are ready for just about any spring day. Now the large decision, what to positioned on in your feet. Flip flops aren’t dressy enough; your ballet flats are merely a little as well casual. That’s even although you remember you possess a pair of Louboutin shoes you just bought. they are able to be the best pumps to go with that outfit, not as well casual, not as well fancy, they are just right. You stroll to the brunch and every sole woman there appears best at you after which best at your feet. The compliments start coming, "I adore your shoes", "I want your shoes", "Those shoes are gorgeous, and especially where do you obtain them?" If they are near buddies you allow them in near to the secret, if not you think them wonder especially where you obtained the finances to afford all those custom made shoes.

Whether you are partying all night, operating errands or just hanging near to with friends, make particular you are executing it in style. include Louboutin shoes to some closet. Any outfit is made much better with Louboutin shoes. They not merely improve the outfit, they are able to improve your mood. even although you understand your outfit is rockin’ you really feel good. You have an "I can consider near to the world" confidence. in circumstance you don’t research good, you don’t really feel very good so why not research and really feel terrific each of the time? Why not include replica Louboutin shoes to every sole outfit? You should. The replica Louboutin shoes research just such as the genuine custom made shoes; no just one should certainly possess the ability to inform the difference. You will get compliments in your shoes just as if they have been the real element but you can be the only just one who understands which they are not. The essential to producing replica shoes research such as the genuine custom made shoes is best quality products. If they are made with affordable materials, they will research affordable and everyone should certainly possess the ability to inform they are not the real thing. I have scoured the on the net neighborhood and found the fact that store Replica Handbags professional possess the really perfect and great replica shoes and research so an ideal offer such as the real thing, you could even fool yourself!


Scarlett Johansson and Woody Allen’s Beach photoshoot

After Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds split, American actress/singer Scarlett is back to limelight with her sizzling and hot photoshoot. Scarlett Johansson and famous director and producer, Woody Allen struck some eye-catching poses on a sunny faux beach.

scarlett johansson and woody allen beach photoshoot

Scarlett and Woody, have previously worked together for film ‘Match Point‘, and now they rocks an amazing 50’s inspired photoshoot on a fake beach. Gorgeous, Scarlett dons a very cute cherry print swimsuit and looks stunning. She wore red lip color and matching Chrstian Louboutin red shoes.

scarlett johansson and woody photoshootscarlett johansson and woody photoshoot pictures

Along with flawless makeup, her shoulder length curly medium hairstyle is really head turning. On the other hand, Woody Allen rocks a comfortable suit in neutral tone and looks relaxed in all pictures.

scarlett johansson photoshootscarlett johansson and woody allen frolick beach 1950 style

From the pics, it looks like, they spent a great day at beach. Enjoy pictures of Scarlett Johansson and Woody Allen photoshoot on beach.

scarlett johansson beach photoshoot

So, what’s your take on Scarlett Johansson And Woody Allen’s hot beach look?HOT or NOT?


Those short classical popular sayings

1, happiness, is used to feel, not to compare with. Life, is used for business, not to dispute. Sentiment, is used to sustain, not used to test. Love, is used to love, not to hurt. Money, is used to pay, rather than measure. Lie, is used to break, not used to whitewash. Trust, is used to precipitate, not to challenge.
2, if one day you feel like crying, give me a call, cannot guarantee that make you laugh, but I can cry with you, If one day you want to run away, give me a call, can't convince you to leave, but I will accompany you run, If one day you don't want to listen to anyone, c call me, I promise I beside you, and keep silent; If one day I didn't answer the phone, please fast to see me. Perhaps I need you.
3, a job unfinished work, stop, relax, Earn enough money, have a look, traps, Kan buguan secular, quiet a quiet, let it be, Living not finish yr, say, broad mind, Meet not over of entertainment, resigned therapists, healthy, Do not over of filial piety, walking home to see, Still not over of customs, weighed, try to your best, Go not over of the future, wait, stroll life!
4, time is the treatment traumas masters, but not the solution to the problem is superior. Life three-no dou: not with a gentleman dou name, not with the smallest dou, not with heaven and earth dou perfect. Life with their three indisputable: no, don't die with the Labour dispute with the lower ZhengChong, no success. Life three pity: meet liangyou don't pay, encounter the opportunity not grip, encounter books don't read.
5, [we] life life with their three indisputable: no, don't die with the Labour dispute with the lower ZhengChong, no success. Three life see through uniting the: open, affordable to put next, and stand is do straight. Life sanfu: peace is blessed, health is a blessing, the frustration is a blessing. Life for: good idea, three this, honesty as first. Life three old, ranging from: filial piety, do good fitness. Life three delight: wine, friends, bedside book!
6, first love, the world's most beautiful thing, Unrequited love, the world's most hidden things, Madly in love, the world's most careless of thing, Chi love, the world's most paralysis thing, Obsession -- the furthest thing. Brokenhearted, the world's most painful thing. Love is a kind of metempsychosis, a kind of pain, and then from the beautiful toward liberation from suffering, finally moves towards the eternal things.
7, some people always have no opportunity to meet, etc have a chance, but hesitated. Some things I haven't got the chance to do, until a chance, but doesn't want to do that again. Some words in heart for a long time, haven't hidden opportunities, said have time to say, can't say. Some love I haven't got the chance to love, and so have the chance, have love.
8 and someone said, with your lover is not to want to speak the truth, love, With his wife is not to want to speak the truth, had, With my colleagues speak the truth, do not want to mix, With boss speak the truth, is quitting... A life, there are many places is no reason not to tell. I want to say, is not without reason speaking, there are many different reason to tell. In addition, apart from outside, will speak cut off, love, parlance...
9, have a kind of mentality that aside; Have a kind of state is willing to give up, Have a kind of happiness that wait; Have a kind of wisdom that low-key, There is an option that abandon, Have a kind of understand that confused; Have a kind of mentality that tolerance, Have a happy call simple, Have a kind of virtue is smiling. Have a kind of happiness is to cherish; Have a kind of beauty that self-confidence; A kind of touched that share, Have a kind of feeling that care; Have a kind of warm called Thanksgiving, A successful called insist.
10 and elusive ten benefactor, don't miss: 1, teach and promote your person, 2, willing to nag you; 3, willing to share with you share the person, 4, willing unconditional force pretty you; 5, to appreciate your strengths; 6, be your example; 7 and willing to keep the promise of person, 8 and willing to did not give up believe you; 9 and willing to mad at you of person, 10 and are willing to pay for you.
11, love is like rice, romantic like the table of dishes. People will think hungry eat, but after eating, more people like to comment on food better good, and oversight in rice taste --
12, saw through several noun: (1) the explanation: always is redundant, understand your people don't need it, don't know you are more don't need it. (2) apathy: sometimes not heartless, just a way to avoid being hurt tools. 3 sorry for you and happy person is foe, For you are happy and happy people are friends, Sorry for you and sad, those who should be put in heart! Friend: is your WTP taped can still likes you.
13, [IN language]. Don't too good to me, let me confuse you love or friendship. . Your word, I don't believe the punctuation. . QQ online rate is high, prove this man solitude. . The world so disorderly, pack pure to see who. . Life is just like a phone call, not you hang up, whom I hang up. J distance generation is not beautiful, it is small three. Since I have mental derangement. After the whole person spirit many!
14 and The copy of how about giving up, think of The reason why you work on it. So you want to give up - in The moment, think about why at The beginning insist on here.
15, [no matter, not only can mood] this is it, a lot of things we are impassable because our hearts can not let go, such as deceived revenge not put, be irony resentment not put, be criticized the face can not let go. Most people CARES only thing itself and indulge in the unpleasant things that make the mood. In fact as long as the mood changed, the world is completely different.
16, male and female, send each other gifts meaning - scarf = love you forever, Cups = a lifetime, Pyjamas = give you all to me, Cigarette = I hate you, Ring = forever belongs to me, Umbrella = protect you, Mirror = forget-me-not, Chocolate = I love you, Lighter = my first love, Flower = put my name on your heart, Photo album = always cherish you and my memories; Handkerchief = wait after break up meet again, Belt = tethered to live his life.