Experienced the twists and I still married him

Once, I thought we were meant for no

My family condition is very bad, father died early, mother alone raise my brother and I. In order to reduce the burden of the mother, original scores are good in my junior high school graduation but filled with the technical secondary school, 17 early participated in the work.

After working, mother and relatives began to help me raise object, who help me find a stable job, conditions passable's boyfriend. Because my home is too need supporting, find a good condition, somehow can improve the environment a destiny. However, the relatives desire always repeatedly failed, give me introduce several objects, but never become. When two years in the past, my personal problems or not solved, mother and relatives anxious unceasingly, I have become a scary, afraid I really unmarriageable. Hence, I begged former classmates help me introduction object.

Unexpectedly, the classmate return really help me find a watch, he is macro. After meet, I found that macro grow very spiritual, especially love to laugh, give me a good first impression. Who knows about half hour, become suddenly it started raining, we didn't take umbrellas, macro ran to the supermarket to buy an umbrella, send me home. On the way, his umbrella covering almost all on my side, and myself are completed soaked. Is going to come to my house, he suddenly an umbrella to my bosom push, say: "I will not send you to the door, lest others see gossip about you." Before I DaYan, plunge into the rain and curtain ran away. Looking at macro figure, it's as if my heart be what hit to surge unceasingly.

Unfortunately, when I excitedly only with the mother filed macro, it was her opposition. The reason is simple: macro is rural people, is a we, it is difficult to shoulder the burden of our family. Not only so, the relatives also fascinate advised me to give up the macro, reason and prosperity. I am a dutiful children will also for brother go to school things as own duty. Think of the heavy burden and wang's individual effort is less preferable family, I shook, compromise. A few days later, I meet about macro, puts forward the break up, we wept. Later, aunt introduced me to a work in institutions of guy. It seems, all the dust settles, my life is placed on the predetermined orbit running slowly. But, I still always renenber macro, of his laughter, of his in the rain for my opening umbrellas of appearance, whenever this time, I can only meadow-flower tell myself: "we have not predestination."

And, behold, he remained at will I wait

But things always lets a person is hard to predict. 2002 winter, and I communicate redeemed that young man suddenly broke, no matter how to retain, he still go abnormal refuse.Afterwards I learnt that someone to help he has introduced a condition is very nice girl. Therefore, I was sad unceasingly, all day, sullen sigh. Mothers see my appearance, also beat yourself up, unbearable say a sentence: "early know so, I still is inferior to complete you and macro, even poor points, but not sad." Hear here, I couldn't help but also sad wail. In this scene, be visited my classmate depends on the eyes.

La month of day, I take a door, he saw classmates and macro standing in the house and macro hand still carry a lot of things.

The brake, some of my absence, a long time without speaking. Classmate hurriedly tell me: "macro is specially designed to see you, to give your mother CiNian." "CiNian?" I have some confused, I watched classmate, she smiled and the macro push came to me and said: "somebody else has not talk about friends, in waiting for you. The sudden surprise makes me want to laugh, but a mouth, but lower crying. That time, mother and relatives are no longer oppose, they finally understand: only me happy is the most important. Moreover, macro also guarantee: will do everything to help this home for brother go to school. September 2003, we finally happily together.

Happiness, rely on both of creation

For before marriage commitment, macro has been trying to cash. In order to get more money, he had to pick up live often do late into the night came home. But that home, is we rent a house in county. In order to save money, we rented a small room, dark, shabby, but capable of macro repaint the house, I do-it-yourself a curtain, curtain, looks pour also warmth. Just in this house, we live is five years.

Besides peacetime work hard, macro also often come home and help mother to do farm work, spray pesticides, fertilizers, such as by his heavy work is water bag. His good let mother then moved and guilt. In addition, our feelings or lets the person envy. For example, macro always complain that I was too save, won't and dressing, is cool to buy me clothes. Although some love dearly money, but my in the mind but alacrity, cannotted help but wear to colleagues show off. Every year my birthday or valentine's day, macro will give me roses, although only one, but enough to let my mood is splendid. And I, I also hate not to cut a macro good heart. See his hard work, always save of I at meals on but particularly generous, repeatedly not depart from meat, but I won't eat, each time to run toward his bowl clip. See he ate ravenously, I feel very satisfied.

In our joint efforts, the younger brother smoothly enters university studies, this year has read junior, every year some 10,000 charge is a macro hard earned. Not only so, he saw my house disrepair and leak rain and infuse the wind and put it completely renovated again. These pays, I, mother, brother, relatives to see in the eye, in mind, don't know how to express that copy of gratitude. Remember, I worked in 2006 spring for the reunion dinner in front of all the relatives when facing he said a sentence: "husband, thank you." He HanHan back 1: "a quoi? You are my wife, we're a family."

Aftertaste and macro together through five years, although the hardships and ate a lot of hard, but in my opinion, this is happy experience. See life is getting better and better, my heart is filled with warmth every time, don't know how to express, reasoning, be inferior to leave this article as a special memory.