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1 I remember it, August 9 from work that evening, the storm, such as injection, the way the water did not have knees. I stood in the door unit, anxiety. Has been a rush for nearly an hour, but the rain did not mean small down. I can not wait to give your home a few phone calls no answer, I fear, Tada accident, a bite, the coat kept in the head and into the storm in the. Open the door, like a drowned rat at home, call a few times Tada, nobody should be, I was not flustered. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, each room is empty. I looked up and down in the corridor a few times, no. I rushed to the area of the guard house there, ask to see did not see Tada, a small security guard said: about five o'clock, Tada wearing raincoats and carrying umbrellas, and said to pick you up from work. I left him to be a flash, you lose. I did not care. He Tada ah, what Tada, you will not let me worry about than what good is not strong, ah, still pick me up? I hate straight Yaoya Gen. I rushed Security temper: you do not care? I told you how many times, although he 18 years old, but he was only 5 years old children's IQ, I asked that you watch over him. Security know what to do, Dimeishunyan said: Sister, I did not mean it! Rain was still falling steadily. Good weather, Tada will be lost, so it rains, he will going? Tada before dying mother entrusted to me, and I was his only family. In order to take care of Tada, a small daughter, I send her to live on campus, in order to Tada, many wronged by her husband ... ... no way, who told me his sister, is only the world rely on it? Think of these, I wiped a tear, we can not so and so, I go from home to the unit, along the way, hard to see, would like to see in one corner of the rain reduced the Tada. However, the street opened in the past apart from the occasional car rumbling splash mud all over me, but then there are all alone in the rain gradually light up the street was. Light the leaves off the street like a trunk, empty. Tada, where are you ah? 2 I Tada lost. That while I was crazy to find the street Tada, alarm, posted a small ad, arguing with her husband. My husband said: We find on the dedicated line, you have to take care of yourself, no Tada, and we also have to go on the day. My eyes fire-breathing, hoarse: You have long suspected Tada is a drag, is not it? You brought back to his anxious, is not it? My husband ignores me. Daughter: Mom, you can not say so heartless father, uncle wandered off small, and my father very sad. My eyes dry and astringent, Tada lost, how can I be worthy of your heaven's grandmother? Mother on her deathbed, keep close ties with Tada's hand, said to me: no matter how kind, have not dropped him! I knelt on the ground, my mother swear, I will not, never dropped his brother. However, now I get him lost. He is going to give me some elusive comes the ... ... Christian Louboutin Pumps
her husband every night after supper, saying the company to work overtime, rush out and back late. I did not mind control him, but in his day, found a red shirt imprinted. I think: If he really wants, however, to but it! I fought with this, what if he is not a meal is still wearing out. I followed him, out of the area, I saw him turn into the corner tuck shops, came out, carrying a red bucket and a pad of thick paper form. It suddenly struck me over, ran up and hugged him. That night, we posted the night tracing of small ads. My husband said: find Tada, I'll come clean. I smile a little, her husband has always been law-abiding people, posted this little ad, but also making life difficult for him. More and more people call to provide clues. I went to, some want to take the opportunity to knock some money, and some are relatives of children with intellectual disabilities, to comfort me know. I hope my heart is ignited again and again, and again time to exterminate. I can not sleep every night, Tada will sleep here? He went out very little wear, will not the chilled it? Will not encounter a car accident, or bad? I am not down to. My husband said: You believe that this world is still more than good. Let Tada is a blessed child, will meet good people. Pick up the handset again, I hear the crisp sound of a girl, she said: Sister, I've got this boy, with your written notice of missing person's like, you go to 18th Street with the blessing "Yimiyangguang "Come shop, I told him here for you! I entered the "Yimiyangguang" store, almost thought that Tada. Large as tall as the clean, the same as innocence. But he turned, I was disappointed, he was not Tada. I am disappointed to leave, saw the girl next to him. She slips boy and a game controller, said: good, his play, his sister said a few words with this sister. The boy smiled and nodded, went hard at playing games. I pointed to the boy and asked: Who is he? Girls pull off a stool, I sit down. The sun, I hear their stories. 3 girl named Bai Jie, after graduation, opened this shop. Six months ago, the cold chilly, so after she smelt, would like to go home to drink mother's bowl of hot soup, but huddled in the corner saw the boy. The boy lay on the ground, shook the beginning of Bai Jie thought he drank too much wine, walked past. But also a bit worried, turn back, Hanliaoliangsheng, several passers-by around over. Boy talking incoherently, it was reported to the police, the boy Bai Jie with the police to the hospital. The doctor said the boy was a bad cold, and he is mentally retarded. Things here, Bai Jie can continue to lead the quiet life of her, but I do not know how, she always trusted pair of eyes can not let go. She was leaving, the boy suddenly called: my sister, I want to drink water. From that day, Bai Jie on the host to the boy, said he called Fubao, also called Bai Jie He Fubao. Bai Jie and I spoke, turned around to see us keep Fubao, met my eyes, he would gently laugh. My eyes mist, Bai Jie, like me, is a good sister. No, she was better than I, because her face is not related to mentally handicapped children. In the days to find Tada, Bai Jie's "Yimiyangguang" became my ultimate goal. Into the store to see Fubao, I will feel at ease. It was getting to cold, Tada should wear a sweater, and I bought the orange sweater to give Fubao. Fu Bao Le Diandian to put on, smiled at me. And then with some small child behind me asked the question. I repeat, he asks a "then what"? Come to realize, I will talk to me is the thought that Tada. Lower Dir snow, I went to Bai Jie there. A door, Bai Jie stood up from beside the stove, his eyes red, Fubao bed, did not like to see my views as to, cheering. I asked how the Bai Jie, Bai Jie, pointing Fubao said: he had a cold, but refused to play fluids and life and death! I figure this is what ah? I'll put him to the orphanage to go. Fubao body smoke a smoked one, see that they are crying. I sat beside him, said to him: Tell Sister, why not an injection? Fu Bao wrote: sister no money! Bai Jie said: there is money or not you tube, you snack less let me speak on the line. Tada words said to me exactly the same. I have prepared from his pocket and handed 2000 dollars Bai Jie, Bai Jie refused to take life and death. I said: not for you, but for my family Tada, I am good on the Fubao, I hope someone like you I will do this to Tada Fubao good! 4 when the spring comes, Tada lost a full 10 months. I Bai Jie and Fu Bao as a family, and they regarded me as a dependent. I firmly believe that my brother Tada is a place, be good-hearted people to take care of it, then wait for me to find him. I did not find Tada. Fubao has found his parents. Bai Jie's story was a television reporter found out and shot a film, play out, and soon, to find the parents of Fubao. Fubao be led back to that day, I cry all that noise, and Bai Jie. Three Fubao step back, call my sister. Bai Jie said: go to see your sister, you be good, do not always think of playing the game. Fu Bao nodded. Zoulehenyuan, ran back, grab the hand of Bai Jie, the stuff into the hands of a few cents, it is I'll buy you a cake ... ... Bai Jie to Fubao in his arms, I remember those days , Fubao birthday is always babbling about the sister to the words. Although they are bitten apple of God, with the defects, but they are also pure white angel heart, or, in their world, love and hate are more simple and direct something, you treat her well, he will good to you. I quietly wiped tears cheeks, I think of Tada, and people may like our loved ones love him? Bai Jie went to the orphanage I volunteer with, I try to spread the love of Tada out hope to the body at Tada in a love for the same. Summer, the daughter and her husband have joined the volunteer army in the past. In those days, we still always talk about Tada. I no longer hysterical thought he had a bad man. Daughter: Mom, the good in your world is not a lot more? I thought her words carefully, understanding Bai Jie this time, I'm really a lot less complaining, you can use warm eyes to see this world. I began to learn to build a family website with intellectual disabilities, and other Tada back, I do not put him Cangzaijiali, and I want to make a few friends with him more. My future must be and Tada together. Occasionally receive clues Tada, I never give up even a little bit of hope. That morning, I received a phone Bai Jie, she Chanzhuo voice said: Sister, Fubao mother said, from their village in the Mandarin 40 in a village next to the town, hosting a child named Tada, She went to see, with your photo on the missing person notices as ... ... my tears down the face and drip down freely, I know, those kind of seed, and finally bloom ... ...Christian louboutin Black