Love is let it pure

1, TangJian in the new academic year, the first day in the crowd saw SuFang wan.
That is a shy girl, a hit him. At that time, the TangJian, are already small boss purports in university, where operates small supermarket.
A BangXue elder sister took these primary school the younger sister went inside the dormitory, SuFang wan drive back a cowboy pouches, in order to TangJian view, is the kind of street Shouting all ten yuan bag shop etc WaiHuo. These, TangJian understanding, he graduated from high school is south of gold, the quality of advantages and disadvantages, at a glance to discern.
After several days, SuFang wan to buy appliances, a tube of toothpaste, a small bottle of moist frost, a total of ten dollar an iceberg. TangJian generous, wave his hand and old customer, a dime has exempted.
Who knows her bad skin, moist frost used, but allergies. Dormitory a gang of girl pulled her small supermarket reason, TangJian first not zissel. Later, SuFang wan nonchalantly said, come, my skin was bad.
TangJian extra-sharp softhearted, took another counter olay, forget it, I'm unlucky. He saw, a few girls opened his eyes wide in surprise.
SuFang wan and lightly smile, exchange to uphold the principle of price equal, I don't.
Few of the girls and the zheng big eyes.
TangJian thought she might encounter a evenly matched against the psychological. She did more beyond yourself surprise and he more feel, this against meaningful.
Her family is poor. This, is TangJian three months later, one of the boys in economics and very intimate, cleverly picked up by the news.
Since then, the SuFang wan every time shopping, TangJian total want to substitute her province a fraction. He for many reasons, only once, said something wrong.
Five yuan is the thing, he freely said sentence, you in this store to buy goods more than fifty yuan, the free.
SuFang wan slightly hesitated for a second, each person to buy things you remember?
TangJian this ability to appreciate his suddenness, very embarrassed. Freely pay, I have accounting, can remember.
SuFang wan began laughing. This TangJian smile like bloom in the heart of a flower.
The number of SuFang wan to store up gradually more, sometimes not buy things and stood there with TangJian chat. This is his most happy time, and accordingly, often a mistake the TAB.
She found TangJian help, already was half semester. She has a low voice, ask, can you help me a little busy, I think, borrow some money.
Between men and women, in fact the hardest talk to lend or most easily talk to borrow money. The former is relationship not familiar with general friend and have deep down the possibility of development, while the latter is already two feelings mutually yue, about marriage theory to marry. TangJian think yourself with her, is what relation? The former right, but he willingly.
The number is not much, borrow 500 yuan, also is TangJian and those evil companions days of consumption. Red in the face SuFang wan said thank you, TangJian suddenly felt like on her nose scratch the. But she said, it is not the money I at that time, otherwise, I help you in your supermarket LiLi goods, DaDaGong? You buckle from wages count.
Although small supermarket is not short, although knowing how a person to a more burden, but TangJian but be elated, he smile to ask you a month to want how many money?
Unexpectedly, SuFang wan low to said a sentence, one hundred, ok for you?
TangJian heart, suddenly pain up.
2, to further understand the result, SuFang wan know TangJian of many things. He had handbags, selling to hainan done pearl business, on the sea, on small kayaks almost people crowded into the sea.
Then suddenly one day TangJian big talk experiences when looked up, but saw several industry and commerce shape of people standing in front of him. A conveniently dianqi he put on the table name card, you are the owner?
TangJian shop, without any business license, so the closure. SuFang wan said, I would find a way to pay you back. TangJian smile, I see friends or calculated, running a company want me to help you to look after, in zhuhai.
Seems so ended, TangJian friends come to send him to the airport, he some absent-minded. Has a friend smile, say TangJian affirmation is waiting for the surname Sue girl. TangJian smile and said, where is that my creditors.
More than twenty years old, said memorable, some youth things like night moonlight passed.
When boarding in TangJian said in his heart, goodbye, SuFang wan.
Friend's company open on the seashore, scenery is very good. TangJian some confusion, at the seaside always don't know is which direction. He asks, north in where? Friend laughed shew him. Then ask, to home?
TangJian smile and shook his head, he is to SuFang wan. He insisted SuFang wan to send E-mail, SuFang wan reply is intermittent. TangJian said that zhuhai was the most suitable for human life place, SuFang wan will reply, then you live there right, that slice of pure sky, also have me a memory. Your that small supermarket shut again after it opened a new supermarket, but the thing without your cheap. I graduated next year.
In time, in forecast with the fingers between iamginition and euphemism and capricious flows quietly.
SuFang wan to zhuhai, without any notice. TangJian suddenly received a message and I at the station, to you there. How to walk?
Standing in the exit, there TangJian think her heart beating fast. SuFang wan lightly smile, to TangJian said, I am also your money comes.
3, the jin tai temple scenery is very beautiful, but vowed, SuFang wan solemnly, like a most devout, took out body all change, and cast into the margin box inside.
TangJian almost see stay. Even fight for years, how ever seen such a sight. Cannot help but ask, you exactly what'd made?
SuFang wan smile, say, I only hope that parents' life better, henceforth, happy, no worries, without any unbearable disputes. TangJian curious, ask, does a family difficulties?
SuFang wan and laughed, but it is my desire, you need not take it seriously.
SuFang wan to take out money to also TangJian. He pushed a don't. But she primly said to him, no matter what, I owe you always want it back. If I charge you for money, is tianyahaijiao pass. Also, those bits and pieces of money, I still remember, total is ten binary hexagonal bar, concurrently included in the inside.
TangJian feel a little bit cold down, heart, in his words, money is nothing what of, but the immediate dialogue SuFang wan, the shirt and jeans SuFang wan, helpless.
Two days of life, is almost spent in the dream. Hotel receptionist SuFang wan check-out, TangJian sitting there on the sofa watching her think, or has no chance.
Opportunities are not, in a taxi, she unexpectedly stretch back and gently in his face peck once, night, her eyes bright like stars. Well, since then, let's not even-steven.
TangJian some LengZheng, SuFang wan like appeared in his life inside of a star, in his sky so bright so bright glare for a long time, but finally will from oneself so far away. Just at her arrival, still be a doubt, two days are two people together, she exactly what to do?
On the bus, but cannot help but ask out, SuFang wan only smile 1, debts!
Debt, and still use faraway come here, you only need to know me, remit to come over and then do card number.
She smiled and said, some debt is himself will be also, does this you also don't understand?
4, the kiss, has been in TangJian heart, and bare root, sent a bud, he wants to SuFang wan to him is not without meaning. He quietly left her address, think she should competitiors to her house, give her a surprise.
The next day, pour a few times that car, finally came to the village, where to people about, TangJian can always get a amazing expression, he thought it might be others looked at him with a well-dressed, country accent's sake. But to the home, after only TangJian knew he was wrong.
SuFang wan looks like her mother, and her father, then distempering, look not to come out the real appearance. TangJian quietly to our neighbor pry, just know to SuFang wan college, father borrowed money, but not yet, because this dispute came to blows, and then mentally received stimulation, and was shot in the head, became so shape.
SuFang wan's mother, hang down with tears, and said, we cannot let square wan home, because she return to a house fussin to drop out of school, can't stand, simply ask her outside the money he earned, said home urgent need.
TangJian nose acid, remembering the jin tai temple, the devout matchless SuFang wan, her greatest wish is actually, parents in peace.
He gave her hair message, why? I now in your hometown.
SuFang wan SMS night just return to come over, why not, I'm afraid I can't make you. At school and you eat a bucket of instant noodles, you know the classmates say what? Said I for the sake of a pack of instant noodles, can betray hue, this in adolescence, is great suffering. It is love, let it pure it to her, lest fall into ordinary, you bear to see?
TangJian tears rolled on he prepared 2,000 yuan of money, originally this money is for SuFang wan parents, but now he perplexed. Since then, but no more her news. Her telephone number, TangJian played, empty number, call her classmate, only hear is after graduation, a man went to Beijing, and any classmate lost contact with each other.Christian Louboutin Boots
TangJian think, in this life may be gone. Remember what she'd said, not to me too, I just hope the mundane world a tacky, was not in front performance that side, you because I still want to leave before you a affection, and this affection, is between us the piece glittering and translucent things. Or one day you on the street and see an unkempt appearance women, carrying food, and sang happy song son to oneself, that's me.
Have the chance to travel to Beijing, in order to save some words fee, TangJian on the street and small store call, hutongs, suddenly there came then a woman, peng hair, carrying food basket, still hum song son. TangJian are reporting, suddenly stopped down, dazed on it, the tears that out. Christian louboutin Black
Not SuFang wan. But, some years ago that smile, again into my mind. She said that, with smile old goodbye, she is one of the ways to him in return. So, feelings in a pure point forever, no lusts, no hooking up, even no desire. There are a lot of people, and then stop, stop at this point, stopped life.Christian Louboutin