Beautiful life

Mother went, but the beauty is preserved, and it has become a habit by my cherished treasure to defend, it will never be lost. This is the friend told me more than I stories, listening, and I in tears: a mother is a beauty of a woman, have always liked high heels. There are many mothers pair of high heels, neatly placed in the closet, though rarely wear, but she wiped out so much is, on the balcony for a blow. Father, child, looking at her side to water the flowers, happy sigh, he was so appreciated by the mother, this woman never went beautiful. 24 years old, I have grown into a beautiful girl, tall, his face has traces of his mother when he was young, fair and noble. I have more than 1,000 kilometers from home to work in Xiamen, to go back once or twice a year. Every time before going home, as usual, will be heard from her: take the most beautiful clothes neat to see me back ah. I smiled happily over the phone, his mother always wanted her daughter is a beautiful woman knows ah. Mother had told me when I grow up, a woman is a woman, soft and elegant nature in respect of any place should a woman become warmer because of good fortune. She told me the old woman in Shanghai Zhang, said she would sleep on the train for cotton pajamas, surrounded the bed with a curtain around to quiet sleep, a woman should be a time to cherish their habit; mother also talked about Zhang good friend's house once to see the toilet in the towel a few holes, the next day and bought a dozen towels for a friend, said her towels are changed once every two weeks, the basic is hard to change , a towel and only a few dollars, which is about a woman's mood ah. Mother told me all this, the eyes of the very vivid, described her as an intimate friend. I listen to his mother's words, every time before going home, I have something to take care of themselves properly, for example to do a thorough skin care, put the most beautiful dress, Yuntie filament with Buzzard and fine sheep's clothing heels, to the barber shop maintenance hair, hair clip with beautiful make a bun out the door, then buy this suitcase full of beautiful clothes, like a bird flying back to mother. Thinking about the reunion with his mother, I could not help but smile. After two hours home, I will not busy off high heels, always turn on the lap before the mother, let her enjoy some of her beautiful daughter. Next, we ran into that of the largest sunny bedroom and started trying on all kinds of beautiful clothes. Father with a smile on their aprons, one into the kitchen, preparing delicious food for us. I opened the suitcase, to a lovely Qunshan spread out in the big bed, while her mother was opening it out jewelry boxes, necklace and bracelet for me, coupled with, put on a set, I put a position, so that the mother look at me is pretty. Once, I was with a black crepe Chouqun, with a pink shirt, the mother gently shook his head, put my pieces of pale blue gown that gave me, let me try again, and sure enough, the mirror, I like painting in the woman. So beautiful ah. Mother, high spirits, opened his own wardrobe, which pulls out from some of the saved her silk products. I remember one time I put on her only through the two young black purple dress, wearing a dark blue mother of pearl bracelet, the mother's eyes, something was different, "the little moss, you know? You are like I was young When a woman's beauty is really a pleasure ah. when I was wearing this dress to see your father. "mothers have a favorite old-fashioned wide-chair, placed in position by the window, she sitting on that rattan chair quietly admiring her beautiful daughter. Father pushed open the door a few times, to our delivery of fruit and tea, and a look of the smile: you two women, ah, not busy ah? "You see what beautiful?" I quickly rolled up his mother's hand. Father, gentle eyes that I will always remember, the two women are all of his happy ah. When we try tired, his father's food has long been put on the table, fruit dessert sauce ribs chicken soup are all available. Father to my mother and I kept their food bowl, he dotes on her little one old and one of two chasing a beautiful woman. Three of the home is full of warmth, mother's day, the family will always have a quiet and beautiful. Table, the three of us have a convention: the fall, when my mother and I will wear the most beautiful clothes, either side accompanied my father, to a family trip, "Let all the world men envy you. "I said to his father mysteriously. Of that wonderful moment, I knew my father infinite yearning. Second Life, but there are too many accidents, that is, in that sad autumn, a serious illness away a beautiful mother. Mother away, my father's hair white overnight, and I remember he sat on her favorite wicker chair on the bird tightly holding the cup to drink the mother did not say a word, the kind of old so I pain. By the mother, then, with her favorite dress to wear photo frame preamplifier lily, there is no trace of the dead, but rather miss a person taking a trip. Mother died the first rainy season, I see my father back from Xiamen. Went into, he is squatting on the ground playing with mother's high heels, both carry out a carefully wipe clean, then into the air on the balcony and saw me, he sighed and said: I am afraid of mildew, and take look out through the wind. Then baby stuff your mother ah. I could not stop the tears left behind. I still customary to open the box, and that there are so many beautiful clothes, but no one enjoyed. Mother left, I never had performance show, that was the beauty of his father expected travel has vanished. The next morning, the mother bird finds his father sitting on wicker chair, his back to the window made for a long time to stay. An idea flashed in my mind, Christian Louboutin Pumps the three of us agreed that field trips can still be beautiful, ah, I can still get him to become the envy of all men. I eventually persuaded his father, embarked on a flight to Jiuzhaigou, where large tracts of virgin forest, the mother like the forests, which she want to go. I carry a box on the beautiful clothes, like the original every time I go home, the difference is that I put my mother in the suitcase a few of her favorite clothes, because it is three travel ah. All this father is not known. Jiuzhai really did not let me down, and the United States was impressive. The first day I wore that piece of black mothers favorite purple dress. Sure enough, his father saw this outfit, eyes bright. That day, he finally filed a mother to me, he said: a small moss, your mother gone so long, we go some of my mood today. I think I saw some of her shadow then. I was just taking his father's arm over and over again in the gravel walks, talked with him gently. Many people look back at us, look for his father's envy, I put on my mother's clothes are so superior temperament, and such a beautiful daughter, accompanied his father to travel is few, so be the object of attention for granted . I saw his eyes passing reassuring father, is ah, the mother away for so long, and it is my duty to my father happy again ah. For the father, mother's dress and shoes also, she would not go too far. The next day, I put the mother of that large pieces of blue silk shirt, hair pulled back into the air. Later, I heard my father say, that dress is the mother gave birth to my father bought her when, that is with an elegant blue mother, the mother is very precious. Today, I dragged my father to teach Jiuzhai shop,Christian louboutin Black where there are all kinds of pretty little thing ah. In a small shop to see a child a small bucket, I put it down, saying that to buy equipment toiletries, "Sure, just like your mother now." Father looked at me lovingly laugh, he has found in my mother's body shadow. Health and beauty that is woman, all her genes are inherited her beautiful daughter, this is not lost ah. The seven-day trip to complete a long-cherished wish, but also to his father happy again. Mother went, but the beauty is preserved, and it has become a habit by my cherished treasure to defend, it will never be lost.