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Brand name: Chanel (http://www.chanel.com/ brand Chanel) files created man: (1) Gabriellechanel Chanel (2) registered: French Paris (1913) (3) stylist, 1913-1971, taking Gabriellechanel (1983) essien Chanel, leisure clothing brand Karll activities argerfeld (Carl Lagrange anfield) (4) brand line: Chanel Chanel (5) category: open female cap and 1913 made clothing boutiques, Since 1921 various perfume: such as development in 1921-22-5 perfume and perfume, in 1924 cuirderussie perfume, 1970-19 perfume, 1974 cristalle perfume, 1984, coco perfume, 1990 egoiste for perfume, 1996; the allure of perfume, In addition to all kinds of accessories, cosmetics, leather, watches, jewelry, sun glasses and shoes. Brands are: (1) to identify the chanel in double c or leather garment button on the buckles, can easily cocochanel invention will double c overlap and design of mark, this is to let the rampant chanel fans for the "symbol" energy. (2) lozenge case grain: from the first generation by more and more interests chanel leather, the three-dimensional rhombic car case grain also become one of the marks, chanel chanel is used in the new clothes and leather goods. Then even being applied to watch on the design, especially "matelassee" series, k gold and stainless steel metal bracelet, even "diamond form three-dimensional plastic case grain." (3) to "camellia chanel camellia:" have now to the world, "and then" camellia chanel kingdom "national flower". Chun qiu dong, whether it is or design into various qualitative material of camellia decoration, more often used in garment cloth pattern. Brand name: eve smack (yvessaintlaurent) http://www.yslonline.com/ brand file types: (1) the higher fashion (2) : yvessaintlaurent created eve smack (3) (4) (bonded) category: stylist higher fashion, perfume series, jewelry, shoes and hats, cosmetics, cigarettes, etc. Briefly: create brand yvessaintlaurent people born in 1936, smack eve, 21, Algeria was the most honorable global abstruse fashion company chief designer, but recently, because the old customers think abstruse eve - smack of radical, in 1960 he was fired. In 1962, the company set up in Paris. The design is halfback and smack of classical model does not wear bra shows his fashion is thinner. Smack of human body adjust at five,Christian Louboutin Sandals often will announce art, culture and the factors of costume design in construstion, sensitive and abundance of inspiration, and strive to dress like art from higher into perfection. The flagship product is higher smack fashion, service is only the super-rich, thousands of materials, processing with 9, master, which is the normal price expensive to receive. Brand name: fan saizhe (versace surrounds http://www.versace.com/) brand files (1) type: high fashion, higher garment (2) : Jenny started gianniversace (surrey) cut mathevon registration (3) : milan, Italy (1978) (4) address: milan, Italy, viages12 milano, italia. Zip code: 20121 (5) stylist: larijani fan saizhe, Donna tara fan saizhe style review: (1) the famous Italian brand garment fan saizhe represents a brand family, a fashionable empire. Its design style is bright, it is strange the vanward art symbol. Among those who show charm is filled with Renaissance with great splendor of characteristics of imagination. These beautiful, sexy female format flavour is dye-in-the-wood, bright-coloured color, both GeJuShi super smooth reality can richly, comfortable and sufficient consider appropriately display size. (2) fan saizhe clothing is not look so dull color.gives halfback. With metal items and flash content from six female trousers, leather outfit invented a female fighter and the female image between banshee. Embroidery metal mesh weaving structure is a kind of art deco exam (di) of reproduction. Black and white blade by memories of the changes to the nineteenth century people in style. Great variety of wrapped is reminiscent stylist dimension aone and African amorous feelings. (3) is the most powerful versace cutting the most precious of design and color, attribute gems of fluent line, cutting through the occurrence of asymmetric brought a boundless charm. Take noble masters of fabrics, with eight inclined cut in line with downy curt geometric figure curve of transition between the wonderful. In the men's clothing brand, fan saizhe by leather garment, winding invented a brave, grand even a bit indulgence, and the outline in size is a little loose and comfortable, still used inclined and asymmetric skills. Wide shoulder, the secret of disposal implies a scientific thinking people say it is futuristic design. Line for clothing is very main versace is the skirt, suits, coats, etc in line for mark to express, sexy female figure. A brand name: thirsty climbing listing Christiandior) abstruse (1) create brand files:Christiandior thirsty climbing listing dior (2) registered, Paris, France (1946) (3) stylist: 1946-1957, thirsty climbing listing dior (Christiandior) in 1957-1960, eve yves st Laurent Yvessaintlaurent (1960) MaKeBo - 1989, the Marcbohan) in 1989-1996, FeiLei cooke Gianfrancoferre (1996), Johngalliano (John kareah's) (4) brand line: Christiandior thirsty climbing listing dior dress, higher clothing: (5) category: higher and higher garment and knitting dress dress, underwear, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories brand story: (1) the dior dress brand has been synonymous with splendor. V-neck card marais reclaimed, multi-level and later ceremony skirt collocation freely, the PI cao of YuTianCai from such abstruse design masters of hand, its elegant narrow skirt, never can make wearer walked freely, reflects the perfect elegant and applicable to 3. Dior revolutionary brand is reflected in the fashion can understand to, Choose good fabrics such as the top coat, satins, traditional wool, taffeta, richly embroidery, etc. With exquisite workmanship and more. (2) after the 1957, dior is synonymous with elegant richly. The second generation designer smack in 1959 to Moscow, dior will launch a new series of abstruse and slender - series. The third generation MaKeBo heir, create dior miss series, lasted for dior brand style, the energy and carry forward. In 1989 by Italian designer FeiLei abstruse brand design, he presided over the coming for a exaggerated, dior traditional style of the new romantic and elegant blend in. Now by LVTH dior group management, In 1997, the young British by stylist Gary Arnold was on the desk. Since abstruse After the 1990s entering the dior brand, its category category except higher and higher than female, perfume, garment leather, turbans, knitting garment, underwear, cosmetics, jewelry and shoes, etc. (3) for decades, dior brand unceasingly for the invention of new opportunities for people with "love story", a new. In the post-war reconstruction of Paris world fashion centre process, dior made an indelible contribution. Brand name: GuZi (gucci) http://www.gucci.com/ brand archives type: (1) the higher garment (2) : gucci Europe started GuZi (gucciogucci) (3) registered: in Florence, Italy (1923) (4) stylist: 1923-1989, 1989 - GuZi uefa gucci, richardmbertson (1992), LanBoSen Richard fashion design and creative leadership in 1990-1991, dawnmello (tang merlot), American designer in 1994, tomford (Tom ford) (5) brand line: gucci GuZi (6) : clothing, leather shoes category, watches, home act the role ofing is tasted, pet supplies, scarves and tie,Established in 1975, perfume, gucci launch perfume products. Purpose (7) : the social cost of women, star (8) address: 73viatornabuoni Florence, ltaly, brand legend: gucci karllagerfeld chanel receives the legend, the most attractive is the most shocking tomford over the story. Gucci In 1994 tomford was appointed the creative director, has gucci due to poor management and trouble is on the brink of bankruptcy... Fashion GuZi: (gucci) although fashion brand dazzling, the style is always by gucci business circles personage all along, fashionable, more gentle this Italian brand of clothing with brief design is given priority to, especially men, the clipping of the season in the eighteenth century, fresh, then wanny period in cowboy, space and rock stars, let the color with unruly giants in June, send out infinite glamour. GuZi (gucci) kingdom in the contemporary legend, the fashion realm gucci is the global media, young and talented designers with the tomford, more inflexible 5 Madonna, Mary kelly, GeNiSi pat, Elizabeth hurley, brad Pitt, and Tom Hanks as the most strong squad couples of faithful love death star inapplicable. Brand name: valentino walundinuo http://www.valentino.it/ brand file types: (1) (2) : people started valentinogaravani walundinuo William gallas, (3) (4) (bonded) category: the designer clothing, fashion, higher indoor from six men, with textile and gifts, perfume series. Briefly: create brand valentinogaravani walundinuo William gallas, who was born in Italy in 1932, was established in Rome in 1960, 1968 - walundinuo the 1973 walundinuo company by Ken kenton (1973), the company received back again. Walundinuo Walundinuo bobs nai door -- marcos award, beauty foundation award. Luxuriant showily, colourful bright is walundinuo brand features. Walundinuo the purity of colour with interest, bright red color is his scales. WaLunDi fine workmanship is very exquisite, from the overall to every little detail is done perfectly. Walundinuo is one of the masters of 8, invented the symbol, a method of career by seeking the perfect faithful love by celebrities. Brand name: cut cerruti (red) brand files created man: (1) ninocerruti el nino. Cut the red (2) registered, Paris, France (1967) (3) : ninocerruti el nino. Cut the designer's 1930 Rayleigh, was born in Italy in 1950 as textile company general manager family industry brother opened in Paris in 1967 boutiques (4) : (1) brand line cerruti1881 (red) : 1881) men's cerruti (red) : fashion, perfume's (5) : higher men's clothing, the category of higher ladies garments, series of perfume, otherwise movie costume design etc. (6) address: 3placedelamadeleine, France, Paris, France 75008paris 75008, MaDe Lena, Ben 3: "when men were style suits, he shall put those main looks like the prominent figures", the father of the Italian fashion ninocerruti to his cerruti1881 brand men's regional 1 perhaps he clarified cerruti brand can tells of reason. In fact, he was launched in 1957 hitman brand ", "menBorn in 1967, but he cerruti1881 Paris is the perfect design concept. In compliance with the traditional factors, and laid a cerruti brand HuaShiQi position. Men are cerruti1881 clipper-built design style brings unprecedented surprise, Not only moments of shape, clipping is follow vogue to Italian traditional manual,Christian Louboutin Pumps British color configuration and French style, the style of perfect in classical and novel taste. Besides, the same brand cerruti1881 men outside the line cerruti fashion, perfume industry, also demonstrates a long time. Instead, the Swiss watches series of extremely large potential noble person. It cerruti inherited consistent clear and elegant design, the application of the Swiss tabulation height together 1 skill and refined, implicative, elegant, pity expensive, implement the traditional moral cerruti publicity. In addition, because the glamour with mercury vapor under the stars, cerruti1881 indissoluble and the frequency of international brand is permeated with Hollywood unique proud manners, symbolizing the fame, wealth and personal style. Brand name: giorgio armani (giorgioarmani) brand files: human giorgioarmani (giorgio armani) was born in Italy in 1934, medical and professional photographers in any disguised designer's cut red, 1975, create giorgio armani. Neville was awarded prize, the door - marcos wool markers, career achievements award, the American library association of international designer's shaq award prize, etc. Giorgio armani now already is the biggest U.S. sales in Europe, he applied to stylist brand new fabrics and excellent manufacturing famous. Design style is concerned, they neither tide, but also non-traditional between good know 3, the fashion clothing with two words seemed less relevant. His flagship brand George armagh ni (giorgioarmani), rich in mani (bynum), love the Olympic giorgio armani, armani emporioarmani (armanijeans) for ordinary cowboy (cost. Brand name brand of archives work: work: from the brand in the south of France's brother. Valencia horse, They will be romantic French style of design and enthusiasm for us into their western culture and appreciation. Born in 1981, work was just a jeans producers, now has developed into the world most recognized and most influential one of famous brand, in five continents have agents and distributors. A specially designed for man and woman, children and family design clothing and accessories, Christian Louboutin will host the work of exquisite life character interpretation incisively and vividly. Brand name: love MaShi hermes (introduction) : let all brand products to pure beauty to love, is spotless, MaShi consistent purpose. Now MaShi love has 14 series products, leather, bags, inflexible and silk, clothing, perfume, watches, most of the products are manual carefully, no wonder MaShi products have love for the invention of 6, grade noble thoughts and connotation of advanced technology and abundant art. These MaShi love, through its distribution in more than 20 countries, more than 200 stores of the region, melt into the fast pace of modern life, let people return to traditional elegant embrace. After years of vicissitudes, 160 MaShi love family of generations of trying to make its brand name was born. Early in the 20th century, when love is approaching MaShi became masters of French 9 cost model. In the 1920s, the founder of the MaShi essien's love him so evaluation was MaShi love Emile brand: "leather training activities and grace of traditional." Love is the city of Paris MaShi specialized manufacture all kinds of facilities for carriage from the horse and exquisite in 1885, every eight Paris exhibition model, love MaShi won the first word climbing products. Thereafter, the son of MaShi love again, build stores amir Charles such items, production and sales of the saddle and start retail business. With the motor vehicle and development, MaShi love will start over the advanced manufacturing technology applied to other products production, such as wallet, traveling bags, handbags, watches And some of the sports activities such as golf, polo, hunting for design and manufacturing equipments, but also help senior activity clothing. Love MaShi brand all products are the most excellent selection of higher material, process, fine detail from 6, with its superior quality wins a good credit. In love MaShi history, and with a great sensation, is the time thinking 0 in 1920, the design for the prince of wales chain in the 20th century, become golf jacket of the leather garment design of victory. Love MaShi of fourth-generation heir to cover DiMa Bert brown and rose in the leather products, the basic, and develop the perfume, head etc, to the new category in the 1960s, the constant development of love from 8 MaShi company and have all kinds of products such as fashionable and perfume. In 1970, the love is just a pure MaShi handicraft factory, but the family 15 years, it has become a manufacturing high-quality goods of super high turnover of multinational companies, expanded 5 times, nowadays, love MaShi company in expanding the scope.